German far right infiltrates green groups with call to protect the land

“We discovered a significant number of environmental groups who had contact with far-right ideologues,” said Daniela Gottschlich, one of the political scientists who conducted the survey for the Diversu thinktank. “We discovered many felt unable to cope with the challenge and ask for support.” As such, attempts to use green issues to smuggle far-right ideas […]

The Problem of Choice in a Post-Pandemic World

I am reminded of that much-anthologized story, Frank Stockton’s brilliant short story, “The Lady or the Tiger?” (1882), where life and death hang on a choice presented as an incalculable conundrum. It will be hard to advise my patients in this difficult environment. Like them, I am making hard choices, anxious about what is right, acknowledging […]

Action needed to stop the use of killer robots, report says

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Alarm as pesticides spur rapid decline of US bird species

Neonicotinoids have increased in popularity among farmers because they do not have to be reapplied once plants are growing. However, past studies have also linked the pesticides to decreases in important pollinators, like bees and butterflies, which prompted the European Union to ban nearly all neonicotinoids.

PM Imran urges UN to play its role in addressing rights’ violations in IoK

The foreign minister, while conveying his deep concerns over the continuing human rights violations in occupied Kashmir since a year now, said, “We had a very good discussion on that [Kashmir], the evolving situation, the military siege that has been going on for more than a year now, the human rights violations and the ceasefire […]

Labour to announce it will ban fracking if it wins election

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How coronavirus has exposed Middle East’s gaping digital divide

Moreover, “many countries saw meaningful drops in average download speeds for mobile and fixed internet connections between February and March 2020”, Simon Kemp, chief analyst at DataReportal, writes. Average download speeds for mobile internet dropped by 13% in Israel, 12% in Morocco, and 9.7% in Turkey, between February and March 2020. 

Sky Views: I’m training the machines to win

Because, for all the wonders of artificial intelligence, most systems require huge amounts of data to start learning and become useful. Giving an AI millions of different photos of rock climbing helps it understand what rock climbing is; rating millions of dogs helps it understand who’s a good boy.