Trump Admin Doc Reportedly Warns of Financial Disaster of Climate Change

“This is the first time a government entity has looked at the impacts of climate change on financial markets in the U.S.,” Robert Litterman, an investment adviser and the chairman of the panel that produced the report, told the Times. “Rather than saying, ‘What’s the science?’ this is saying, ‘What’s the financial risk?’”

Tiny Sea Creatures Might Hold Secret to Slowing Climate Change

The camera took images of the tiny creature at the center of a sometimes 3-foot diameter of intricately constructed mucus. It was only when the crew deployed their new laser scanning device that they were able to explore the interiors of the mucus structure. That’s when they discovered the creatures vital role in the ecosystem.

Fires raise fight over climate change before Trump’s visit

He noted that just in the last month, California had its hottest August, with world-record-setting heat in Death Valley. It had 14,000 dry lightning strikes that set off hundreds of fires, some that combined into creating five of the 10 largest fires in the state’s recorded history. And it had back-to-back heat waves.

There Are 100 Companies Responsible for Climate Change, Activist Says

“Heede’s latest advocacy piece adds nothing to climate science. It is a calculator exercise that purports to track — inaccurately — historical production of oil, gas, and coal. The report unintentionally highlights one reason climate litigation against oil and gas companies is not a part of serious climate policy.

Pakistan: Climate change, environmental problems put government in a bind

“Imported plants are being planted that could do harm to the environment. No environmental impact assessment of these plants is being conducted. The government is planning river and seaside urban developments, which portend more environmental disasters,” Raza said.

Climate change threatens ability of insurers to manage risk

The economic impact of these natural catastrophes is growing quickly, according to Swiss Re, with total losses increasing fivefold since the 1980s to about $170bn today. This increase is partly due to an increase in extreme weather but also due to an increase in assets as cities and towns have grown, especially in vulnerable locations […]

U.N. Climate Report: ‘Unprecedented Changes’ Needed to Avert Catastrophe

The report emphasizes the potential role of a tax on carbon dioxide emissions. “A price on carbon is central to prompt mitigation,” the report concludes. It estimates that to be effective, such a price would have to range from $135 to $5,500 per ton of carbon dioxide pollution in 2030, and from $690 to $27,000 […]

U.S. regulator calls climate change a systemic risk

That is one of the findings of a landmark report commissioned by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission and put together by a panel convened about 10 months ago by Rostin Behnam, one of two Democrats on the five-member CFTC.

California’s wildfires show how climate change is making forced evacuations and power shut-offs the norm

The effects have been painfully felt. At least seven people have died since the start of this year’s fire season, according to Cal Fire, with thousands of homes reduced to embers. Many communities have had to order mandatory evacuations, and more than 170,000 recently went without power to prevent future blazes.

Climate change may cause 26% habitat loss for snow trout in Himalayan rivers: Study

The study iterates that if the countries across the globe continue their greenhouse emissions as usual (mentioning it as the ‘business-as-usual scenario’), “the species (snow trout) would lose a net habitat of 16.29% till the year 2050 which would further increase to 26.56% in the year 2070.”