German far right infiltrates green groups with call to protect the land

Coming from older rightwing extremist parties like the neo-Nazi NPD, Passeick said, “It is a method we have known for decades.” What had changed since the AfD entered the German parliament in 2017, he added, “is the way these attempts are becoming more aggressive and openly visible”. Visibility was also the motive in the northern […]

The Problem of Choice in a Post-Pandemic World

I am reminded of that much-anthologized story, Frank Stockton’s brilliant short story, “The Lady or the Tiger?” (1882), where life and death hang on a choice presented as an incalculable conundrum. It will be hard to advise my patients in this difficult environment. Like them, I am making hard choices, anxious about what is right, acknowledging […]

Action needed to stop the use of killer robots, report says

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Alarm as pesticides spur rapid decline of US bird species

When birds eat the pesticide-coated seeds or insects that have pollinated neonicotinoid-treated plants, the chemicals can harm bird development. Over time, they decrease birds’ abilities to reproduce. The chemicals can have an effect for years after birds consume them.

PM Imran urges UN to play its role in addressing rights’ violations in IoK

Pakistan expects UN to play effective role in resolution of Kashmir issue: FM QureshiQureshi in an earlier meeting with Bozkir had said Pakistan expects the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) to play an effective role in the peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue and put an end to the human rights violations in the valley.

Labour to announce it will ban fracking if it wins election

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Blue Sky Thinking: Gordon Bell Prize Finalist Aims to Cut Aircraft Emissions

Modern jet engine turbines are designed to use as few blades as possible, but this can lead to unsteady airflow patterns that reduce engine efficiency. High-resolution simulations allow engine makers to see fine-grained details that can help them get around problems like this.

The road to cleaner air

Biodiesel has intrinsic lubricating properties due to the presence of long chain fatty acids, which significantly helps reduce engine wear and tear. Even a 1% blend is found to give as much as 30% increase in lubricity. The Cetane Index (CI), a measure of the inflammability of fuel, is more than 56 to 58 for […]

How coronavirus has exposed Middle East’s gaping digital divide

As a result, GSMA data shows that in 2018 smartphone penetration across the typically more affluent Gulf nations stood at 75%, compared with 52% in North Africa and 39% in other Arab states such as Sudan. At a time of growing unemployment and reduced government subsidies, the cost of digital services may become harder still […]

Sky Views: I’m training the machines to win

The problem has been well diagnosed, in report after report. But we still don’t have a solution. The Taylor Review lamely includes that same old platitude: “History has shown that technological advancements and the automation of individual tasks don’t just result in substitution of labour, but also lead to job creation.”