Wildfires engulfing the west coast are fueled by climate change, experts warn

The fire now raging in northern California follows several outbreaks in the south of the state, including blazes on the outskirts of Los Angeles, which were battled by more than 600 firefighters and causing smoke to billow across the city. A state of emergency has been declared in both California and New Mexico to deal […]

Tony de Brum, global voice for fighting climate change, dies

Born in Tuvalu, de Brum became one of the first Marshallese to attend university and returned home to become a leading participant in negotiations that secured the nation’s compact of free association with the U.S. and membership to the United Nations.

Siberian heatwave made 600 times more likely by climate change, experts find

Scientists found that climate change increased the chances of prolonged heat by a factor of at least 600, and warned that greenhouse gases released by the fires and melting permafrost will further heat the planet, and decrease the planet’s reflectivity from loss of snow and ice.

Climate change makes freak Siberian heat 600 times likelier

This study, coordinated by World Weather Attribution, was done in two weeks and hasn’t yet been put through the microscope of peer review and published in a major scientific journal. But the researchers who specialize in these real-time studies to search for fingerprints of climate change in extreme events usually do get their work later […]

Hard-hit by climate change, Bangladesh finds solution in floating gardens

Men and women work side-by-side to build their living rafts, and their produce is organic. Growing on the water, the crops are less vulnerable by pests and don’t require fertilizers. Each floating platforms last around three months. After that, it’s brought ashore and used to fertilize crops grown on land.

Climate change is killing tufted puffins, researchers say

That’s because the puffins that live in the area typically dine on fish, but climate change has significantly disrupted the food chain. The fish eat zooplankton, but climate change has warmed the water in the area up so much that the zooplankton and the fish have started to disappear. The seasonal ice cover in the […]

In Europe, climate change brings new crops, new ideas

“Climate change is posing a risk for the sustainability of vineyard management at global scale and, particularly, in Europe,” said Josep Maria Sole of VISCA (Vineyards Integrated Smart Climate Application), an EU-funded project that aims to help Europe’s wine industry develop medium- and long-term adaption strategies. He said wine producing areas will increasingly suffer from […]

Record-breaking heat is scorching France. Experts say climate change is to blame

Michael Mann is a Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at Penn State University. He has studied and published cutting-edge research on the topic of climate change. Mann says that the current setup responsible for the record heat in Europe is indeed associated with something he calls “planetary wave resonance” — a widely meandering, slowed jet […]

Coronavirus and climate change: Collective action is the only way forward

There is a problem with the debate that’s going on at the moment. Some people are telling us that coronavirus is going to change the world for the good — we’re going to realize that collectivity is terrible, we’re going to realize that precarity is destructive and that inequalities kill. And other people are saying, no, no, […]

$84 mln World Bank credit bolsters Vietnam’s climate change fight

“The new development financing will focus on areas which present the greatest opportunities for transformational interventions to address climate change challenges,” said Ousmane Dione, World Bank Country Director for Vietnam.