‘A lot of people are crying, I guess’: Clint Eastwood blasts Oscar race row boycott as Charlotte Rampling defends her comments calling the backlash ‘anti-white’

‘Why is this a conversation that we only have once a year? Every year we get all fired up and then the rest of the year nobody says anything…. So I’m not going to boycott, but I’m going to continue to bitch as I have all year round because I’m tired of seeing movies where no […]

EXCLUSIVE: Academy member William H. Macy says Oscars DO have a diversity problem because award panel is ‘mostly a bunch of white guys’

Boyle also addressed why he believes his leading cast members Dev Patel and Frieda Pinto in Slumdog Millionaire were overlooked for nominations in 2009 while he bagged Oscars for Best Picture and Director and the film’s white screenwriters won for Best Screenplay.

‘It’s anti-white racism’: Best actress nominee Charlotte Rampling launches attack on Oscar boycott as top producer dubs protesting stars ‘spoiled brats’

‘I think that diversity is the American superpower. That’s why we’re great.So many different people from so many different places adding their ideas, their inspirations, their influences to this beautiful American gumbo. … so when I look at the series of nominations of the Academy, it is not reflecting that beauty’ – Will Smith