Coronavirus live updates: Newsom issues order protecting consumers from price gouging

3:09 p.m. Don’t force fire victims to rebuild during outbreak, Lara says. California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara issued a notice Friday telling insurance companies to stop enforcing deadlines on policyholders for claims or coverage until 90 days after any state of emergency has ended related to COVID-19. The notice applies to deadlines for claim forms, […]

US coronavirus deaths surpassed 7,000. States say they’re still missing what they need to combat the virus

“The pathophysiology of this thing is it starts out with the lungs and then a patient may start to have some respiratory insufficiency, meaning they need some oxygen supplementation and then that might not be enough so they need different modalities, i.e. they need a breathing tube and then after that happens, then sometimes different […]

Coronavirus latest: China mourns COVID-19 victims

00:40 US stocks closed out dropping 1.5% on Friday, as US Department of Labor data shows that the country lost 701,000 jobs in the first half of March. The coronavirus pandemic is blamed for ending a record 113-month streak of job growth in the US.