Giants coach Alyssa Nakken wins magazine’s Trailblazer of the Year award

Nakken told the magazine she’s trying to balance her duties as a coach with grasping the significance of her place in history — “It’s something I’ll have to continue to balance for the rest of my career, because you can’t blaze trails without doing the job you’re supposed to do and then some.”

Messi imitated Maradona’s skills but not his lifestyle

Argentina’s two iconic players may be contrasting characters but they shared many traits including a bond with Newell’s Old Boys and the Barca captain removed his shirt to reveal the red and black of the Rosario club before pointing to the sky.

Kelly Osbourne’s wild family – physical fights and time Sharon locked her in padded cell

He told the camera crew: “I want to be in control of my life. I was really loaded, and I just sat on my mum’s bed, and I just said, ‘I am going to go pack my bags… I’m ready to go. I want to go; I need to go.’”

Why ensuring employees with cyber hygiene is important

By Prof. Sangeeta Shah BharadwajCovid-19, global pandemic has made people conscientious of pandemic hygiene, such as maintaining social distance, wearing masks, washing hands with soap and using alcohol-based sanitizer all over the world. This has also given a new norm of working i.e. work from home. Supporting a workforce that’s fully remote, is new to […]

VNR petitions for reduction of infrastructure charge

Passengers board a train. VNR has proposed an infrastructure use fee reduction – PHOTO: LE ANH HANOI – Vietnam Railway Corporation (VNR) has proposed reducing the infrastructure charge from 8% of its railway transport revenue to 2% due to the difficulties caused by Covid-19.

Baton Rouge organization making positive impacts with focus on academic success

“A lot of the work is about building partnerships between the schools and City Year,” said Arquavious Gordon, a senior impact manager who works with Glen Oaks Magnet High School. “We do a lot of work to track student attendance and course grades. We are able to use that data at City Year to see […]

Rafer Johnson, 1960 Olympic Decathlon Champion, Dies at 86

His children, Jenny Johnson Jordan and Josh Johnson, were athletes themselves. Jenny was a beach volleyball player who competed in the 2000 Sydney Olympics and is on the coaching staff of UCLA’s beach volleyball team. Josh competed in javelin at UCLA, where he was an All-American.

COVID-19 crisis pushes jobless into survival mode

“The only way out is for someone or some institution to help me systematically because the government only gave me 3,000 pesos (less than $150) over the past 100 days which is not enough.”

GOP, Democrats Allow Mike Lee’s Middle Class Replacement Bill to Pass Senate

The bill also cements the tech sector’s control over technology because it allows CEOs to corral the technology by minimizing the recruitment, training, and promotion of the U.S. graduates who may later quit to develop rival products. “There’s collusion within these big tech companies to preserve their monopoly status,” said Lynn. “The best way to do […]

How England’s Dawid Malan became the world’s best T20 international batsman

It was confirmed on Thursday he had achieved the highest rating for a batsman in the Twenty20 international rankings after his unbeaten 99 against South Africa on Tuesday (Wednesday NZT) and 173 runs in the series. He has reached 915 points, the first player to go over 900 points, after a remarkable rise over the […]