Coca-Cola ‘paid scientists to downplay how sugary beverages fueled the obesity crisis between 2013-2015,’ medical journal study finds

‘We are certainly going to have to disclose this [Coca-Cola funding] at some point. Our preference would be to have other funders on board first… Right now, we have two funders. Coca Cola and an anonymous individual donor… Does including the Universities as funders/supporters pass the red face test?’ one email read.

Bisleri: Quenching thirst with trust

In an age when most companies opt for getting a celebrity to endorse their brands – Bisleri, the leading packaged water player, did the unthinkable. It recruited a camel – actually many camels, of course post all the mandatory approvals from the wildlife authorities we are told – to communicate its message of “Har Pani […]

One-Third of US Consumers Believe Brands Should Continue Facebook Boycott, Survey Shows

Findings show that 38 percent of respondents said Facebook had not done enough to address content deficiencies as opposed to 20 percent who think Facebook has done enough, and 33 percent said that brands should continue the boycott as opposed to 21 percent who think brands can resume adds. The largest share of respondents, just […]

Can you guess what Fox News and Netflix have in common?

“With the exception of Jeep—the brand that’s No. 1 every year for the 18 years we’ve done it, because it owns patriotism—everything on the list was brands that showed up. They were there for people when they felt they needed something. It went beyond primacy of products and how they were viewed, how they resonated […]

New Book Offers Insider’s Glimpse Into Life in North Korea

He also took groups of North Koreans on trips to China, Vietnam and Singapore, where in addition to learning about those countries’ market reforms, some participants indulged in downing liters of Coca-Cola and consuming pints of ice cream — rarities back home.  

Boris Johnson urges Brits to get back to work TODAY – but nearly five in six set to stay home

ALL AT SEAFrench efforts to stop migrants like ‘trying to empty sea with a spoon’ says MP

‘Who’s The Boss’ Sequel With Tony Danza & Alyssa Milano In Works At Sony Pictures Television

Original cast members Judith Light (Angela) and Danny Pintauro (Jonathan) are supportive of the new series and the hope is to find creative ways to work them and their characters into the show. The cast remains very close to this day. The other standout cast member, Katherine Helmond (Mona), passed away February 23, 2019.