Jurassic World 3 director open to Sam Neill and Laura Dern’s return

The flame-haired actress, who plays Claire Dearing in the rebooted dinosaur movies, asked Dern if she’d be interested in reprising her role as Satler, prompting Laura to reply, “Do you know something I may not…? If I were to, would you join me?”

Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum sing jazz in Jurassic World 3 downtime

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Stephen Spielberg told Netflix that Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous shouldn’t be a “kiddy version”

In spite of its PG rating, Kreamer and the team seem to have remained true to Spielberg’s wishes. While the series never shows blood or gore, the teens do watch people get eaten by dinosaurs and things get particularly intense. “I think that we may not do kids a service by sheltering them from all […]

Coronavirus: Avatar 2 leads the way and UK set to welcome Jurassic World as film sets open up again

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Encourages Team To Sign Colin Kaepernick

Goodell set up a tryout for Kaepernick in Atlanta last year for scouts of all 32 teams to attend, but it unraveled at the last moment due to lack of media access and what Kaepernick’s representatives saw as an unusual liability waiver. Instead of the workout taking place at the Falcons’ training complex, Kaepernick conducted […]

Colin Kaepernick Visited Inmates at Rikers Island, Correction Officers Union Feared He Might Incite Attacks

In 2016, Kaepernick gained fame for silent protesting against police brutality and racial injustice by kneeling during the national anthem at NFL games. His actions were rebuked by President Donald Trump in September. Seemingly referring to Kaepernick, 30, Trump called on NFL team owners to fire “son of a bitch” players who protest during the […]

Carolina Panthers Sale: Will Colin Kaepernick Have to Buy an NFL Team to Get a Job in the League?

Kaepernick, who sparked the protest movement in the NFL against perceived police brutality toward black youths in the United States, hasn’t played in the league since opting out of his San Francisco 49ers contract in March. Kaepernick was responding to an Instagram video posted by Diddy on Sunday, in which the latter said: “I will […]

ICC World Cup 2019: Full list of awards, prize money and statistics

Need to accept it as a part and parcel of life: Kane Williamson on New Zealand’s dramatic loss in World Cup final

Madden 21 Video Game Brings Back Colin Kaepernick for First Time Since 2016

Reportedly, EA Sports had approached Kaepernick over the summer to discuss licensing his name and likeness for inclusion in the next Madden video game. Sources claim that Kap was “hands-on” with his involvement in his video game return to ensure he was completely satisfied with how he was depicted. EA Sports has also confirmed that […]

Colin Kaepernick hits the field in

Back in 2018, EA was forced to apologize after Kaepernick’s name was censored from the in-game versions of two rap songs in the Madden NFL 19 soundtrack. “We messed up, and the edit should never have happened,” EA said at the time before restoring the lyrics in an update. “We have had a long relationship […]