Guest column: Tears that wash your soul

The direct message (DM) had landed early morning. At 6.45am, to be precise. By the time I woke up, a few more DMs had pushed it down. It was May 2020. Those days, most of the volunteers of India Cares had a very erratic schedule. We would sleep around 3am and wake up late in […]

Column: Remote work is here to stay. Here’s how to make it work

All told, we’re likely to see a few people returning to the office sometime by the end of this year or early next year. And that’s hoping that science has a fitting reply for the scourge unleashed by the Coronavirus — a vaccine if we’re being optimistic or at least some form of herd immunity. […]

Ten words to understand China

Perhaps the most interesting section is the one in which he dwells on the meaning and associations of the word “copycat”. It’s not just counterfeiting and infringement, but also deviations from the standard, mischief, and caricature. It has, Hua feels, an anarchist spirit that has penetrated deep into the country’s culture. Thus, there aren’t merely […]

4 Rules for Identifying Your Life’s Work

My oldest son graduates from college this month. Graduation is a leap into uncertainty even during ordinary times, and COVID-19 times are far from ordinary. It’s a scary moment to be heading out into the world. But my advice to my son—and to all graduates—remains the same as it would have been without a pandemic: […]

France’s Sarkozy in ‘Racist Shipwreck’ After Using Word ‘Monkey’ Suggestively in Debate on ‘N-word’

I’m sorry but I can’t let go of Nicolas Sarkozy going « the elites 🙈🙉🙊 omg can I say monkey since I can’t say n**** ? So much for the tolerant left » and all the white journalists saying nothing 💀💀💀 As I always say:

The Last Word: Wayne Coyne on Fatherhood, Drugs, Divorce, and Nearly Dying

So, we’re not singing about drugs as if it’s a hippie, cosmic, mind-opening, beautiful thing. When I’m singing, “Mother, I’ve taken LSD,” I’m singing about my oldest brother being on the porch telling my mother that he had taken LSD. When your older brother says he takes LSD, you just think, “Oh, my God. He’s […]

Sushant Singh Rajput’s Sister Supports Ankita Lokhande Over Her War Of Words With Shibani Dandekar

Earlier, Ankita Had Lashed Out At Shibani For Taking A Jibe At Her In response to Shibani Dandekar’s open letter, the actress penned a lengthy post in which she denounced the ‘2 seconds of fame’ accusation and blasted her for looking down upon television actors. “Stop looking down on we television actors, if that was […]

Govt, opposition exchange heated words over current Kashmir policy

The government only conducts meetings of its spokespersons for devising policies on “how to take revenge”, Iqbal said, adding that the people were condemning the Lahore Capital City Police Officer’s statement, but the prime minister had not even tweeted about it.

Aamir Khan Thanks Ministry Of Jal Shakti For Recognising ‘Paani Foundation’ And It’s Incredible Work

Aamir Khan has raised awareness to conserve water through his foundation. He is doing his bit to drive the mission of “Paani Foundation” to make Maharashtra drought free. The foundation works towards water conservation and watershed management across the villages in Maharashtra.

I’ve spent years working at home on my own. Now the whole family is toiling alongside me – and I love it

Over the months, I have slowly adjusted to life in a busy workplace. I can tell my son is on a work call, for example, because he is pacing counterclockwise round the kitchen table as he talks. I know it is a bad time to start making meringues. If I wait, the urge will pass.