Elderly people SHOULD wear face masks because it could protect them from catching the deadly coronavirus, British scientists say

Experts have been conflicted since the beginning of the outbreak about whether the true number of people who are infected is significantly higher than the official numbers of recorded cases. Some people are expected to have such mild symptoms that they never even realise they are ill unless they’re tested, so only the more serious […]

Trump says USNS Comfort will now be used for coronavirus patients

But the nation is fighting an economic battle too, as the president often points out. As Americans across the country wait for their checks to arrive from the stimulus bill, the president said he’s seriously considering another round of “direct” payments to Americans. Such payments would require additional legislation. Americans are expected to being seeing […]

Nurses sing dying coronavirus victim, 69, her favourite song The Sound Of Music to help her as she takes her final breaths

‘When supporting a patient and their loved ones during end of life care we only get one chance to get it right. Well done to the team on ward L6 for ensuring this patient and her family were given caring and compassionate support during what is such an upsetting time.’

How to cope if lockdown stops you being with a dying loved one: Grief charity advises writing down the last words you would have said to them and ‘screaming out’ your anger

members of the person’s householdclose family membersif the deceased has neither household or family members in attendance, then it is possible for a modest number friends to attendmourners should also follow the advice on social distancing when travelling to and from the funeral gathering.The following people should not attend funerals under any circumstances: 

PIERS MORGAN: In just five brief minutes of calm empathy, fortitude and history, the Queen inspired her people to overcome this coronavirus crisis better than President Trump has rallied Americans with 50 hours of rambling, self-promoting twaddle

And Trump’s leadership so far has been woefully erratic and singularly lacking in the gravitas, empathy and calm, measured tone that all Americans are crying out for right now – of the kind that New York’s impressive governor Andrew Cuomo has displayed on a daily basis.

Forces’ sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn praises Queen and backs The Sun’s Who Cares Wins Appeal

Dame Vera told The Sun: “I had many highlights in my career. Possibly one of them is my trip to Burma to entertain the troops in the jungle when no one else was going out there.”

Below’s Explore Mode gives it the space to become the game it was always meant to be

No longer gripped by fear and frustration over what lies beyond every next room, I’m not just able to take my time with Below, but enjoy my time in it too. The reasons that originally compelled me to play were never borne out of a desire to overcome its old school notions of difficulty, but […]

Coronavirus live updates: U.S. poised to surpass 11,000 deaths

4:27 p.m. Birx says she didn’t visit sick granddaughter due to potential risk: Dr. Deborah Birx, the coordinator of the U.S.’s coronavirus response, said her 10 month-old grandchild had “a fever of 105” degrees over the weekend but she opted not to visit due to risk of transmitting disease. “I’m trying to explain to my […]

Coronavirus live updates: California expected to hit peak COVID-19 resource use in a week

2:33 p.m. SF officials change course, will send homeless to hotel rooms instead of shelters: In a change of plans, San Francisco officials said they will no longer move homeless residents into the recently-opened Moscone West shelter, but instead into hotel rooms. That means the city will need an expected 4,500 hotel rooms instead of […]

Dylan Thomas GP’s memoir reveals “shy and retiring” poet

“His capacity for drink was very limited compared with the average ‘hearty’. He couldn’t drink very much – three or four pints was his absolute limit – his daily limit was two pints in Brown’s and on weekends with Phil in the Cross House. He never drank spirits, but in that last trip to America […]