15 of the best TV shows on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Studios While The Tick was sadly canceled after two seasons, the superhero comedy will still give you a hit of fast-paced, colorful action with its tongue firmly in its cheek. Based on the comic book character, The Tick is a bulletproof hero who wears a, yep, blue tick suit. His sidekick? The meek Arthur […]

Muse Soundtrack a Sci-Fi Contagion in ‘Simulation Theory’ Trailer

Drake says: “The goal for Simulation Theory was to capture the scale of the electrifying live show and to expand upon its connection to the DNA of the world we built for the past three years in music videos for Muse. In a strange turn, the film’s alternate reality eerily started to mirror our own.”

Subhash K. Jha unravels the facts of Aashayein

I also thought of the actress Supriya Choudhary shouting into the dispassionate mists in the mountains, “I want to live.” The echoes reverberate all the way to Kukunoor’s heart warming funny and elegiac exposition on the truth that lies on the other side of that illusory mountain we call life. Kukunoor pays homage to life […]

Coronavirus Stops-Starts Stretching Europeans’ Patience

Critics concede that dealing with a virus that was completely unknown eight months ago is no easy feat — virologists and other infectious disease professionals are learning as they go along. But the stops and starts and volte-faces risk eroding public confidence in some countries, analysts and public health officials fear. There is an urgent […]

Judd Apatow: The Rolling Stone Interview

When you have so many friends also making movies, how do you not compete with them? If you want Melissa McCarthy but Paul Feig has already locked her up, or you have a release date and Seth Rogen has a movie coming that day, how do you make it all work?It happens. I used to […]