Chinese Dissident Featured at RNC Warns Against Communist Party Threat

Because of the limited time at the RNC, Chen’s speech was shortened by the convention organizers. He posted a full version of his speech on the internet. In it, he discussed the disappearance of countless activists, Uighurs in concentration camps, and human rights abuses in Hong Kong. He also mentioned the Chinese Communist Party’s threat […]

Perestroika and Pandemic: Privatization Slows in Communist Vietnam

“One of the reasons for the slowdown in the progress of equitization and divestment is that the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic has comprehensively affected all aspects of socio-economic life, domestic and international,” the ministry said in a post on its site. Vietnam refers to privatization as equitization.   

Far right ‘using coronavirus as excuse to attack Chinese and south-east Asians’

The group, called End the Virus of Racism (EVR), said that the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) acknowledged that intelligence reports confirmed the UK’s far right was using coronavirus, first identified in Wuhan, China, as a reason to attack east and south-east Asians.

Washington, New York Protesters Call for Recognition of Uighur Abuses as Genocide

“We want both the U.S. government and U.N. to recognize the atrocities as genocide and call on the international community and governments in many countries to break their silence and stand up against China,” said Hudayar, who organized the gatherings in front of U.S. State Department in Washington and the U.N. headquarters in New York. […]

Rights Groups Slam Xi’s Latest Calls to ‘Sinicize’ Tibetan Buddhism

Xi’s comments came at a recent senior Communist Party meeting on Tibet’s future governance, where the president said Beijing must build an “impregnable fortress” to maintain stability in Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) and Tibetan areas in Sichuan, Yunnan, Gansu and Qinghai provinces. He also called for enhancing China’s national security by educating the masses in […]

Inner Mongolians Boycott Classes to Protest Chinese Language Policy

The policy, announced before the start of the fall semester, requires schools to use national textbooks in Mandarin starting in the first grade of primary schools and in middle schools, replacing the current Mongolian textbooks. The Mandarin instruction is expected to expand to politics and morality courses and history classes over the next two years.

String of High-Level Foreign Visits Boosts Diplomatic Visibility for an Isolated Taiwan

Overseas attention to Taiwan has stoked confidence among ordinary Taiwanese, who are used to Chinese officials urging that foreign officials avoid Taiwan – and getting their way because of China’s global economic clout. Taiwan has added to the diplomatic momentum over the past two months by announcing the reopening of a representative office in Guam […]

Flurry of High-Level Foreign Visitors Boosts Taiwan’s International Visibility

China has raised questions in parts of the world this year over perceptions it fumbled the world’s first COVID-19 outbreak and that its maritime expansion violates international law. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned that the Czech delegation leader would pay a “heavy price” for his Taiwan trip.

Communist China President Xi Jinping Now Wants to Control Religion Too

Xi stressed at the Communist Party conference, held every five years, that threats to national security or separatism promoted under the guise of religion would not be tolerated, and that all religions must be “Chinese-oriented,” as part of his effort to “Sinicize religion,” or make it more Chinese, by instilling socialist core values.

Pompeo defies precedent, backs Trump’s re-election bid

The decision to speak to the political convention in pre-recorded remarks from Jerusalem breaks with the longstanding precedent of sitting secretaries of state avoiding partisan politics and appears to violate guidance on political activities that Pompeo himself emphasised in a cable to diplomats just last month.