Earthquakes Near Anza Rattle Southern California

Although centered near Anza, the largest quake was felt in parts of Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego counties, the USGS reported. The quake hit approximately 23 miles north of Palm Springs, 62 miles southwest of San Diego and 63 miles northwest of San Bernardino.

‘It’s A War Where We Cannot Ostracise One Community’ – Indian Journos on COVID-19 Coverage

“Something that has happened must be talked about. But a balancing act on the part of the media was also required, to state that Tablighi Jamaat is not the representative of the entire (Muslim) community,” Suresh said. Suresh emphasised that there are voices within the community condemning the incident and the media should have highlighted […]

Marshall reveals new private hospital deal to add 1700 beds, infection rate still stable

“When we look at what the Prime Minister recommended, there are four reasons to go out of the house, and one of those is for medical reasons, or compassionate reasons – I think you could interpret that as passionate reasons,” Dr Spurrier told The Advertiser.

Lincoln group finds feeding needy no longer so simple

The loss of distribution sites was a blow, as a half-dozen hosts prohibited the pickups and the crowds they can generate. The Korean Church of Lincoln. Northwest Lincoln Church of Christ. The Center for People in Need. Calvert Recreation Center. Denton’s community center. Milford’s fire hall.

Welcome to Grice Close, the cul-de-sac evicted by Fergus Wilson

The decision has sent tremors through families, some with babies, now facing less than two months to get out. It has also exposed the fragility of the UK’s growing reliance on private landlords to provide mass housing, and the vulnerability of millions of private renters in England to some of the most precarious rental contracts […]

ALL health workers must wear an apron, mask, goggles and gloves if within 2 metres of a suspected or confirmed coronavirus patient, officials rule in new NHS safety guide

Editor of the British Medical Journal, which is part of the BMA’s campaign for more equipment, Dr Fiona Godlee, said: ‘For healthcare staff on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic, work has suddenly become a frightening place.

China pauses in memory of coronavirus victims and ‘martyrs’

Pedestrians in one of the city’s busiest shopping districts stopped walking and kept their heads low in a silent tribute ceremony, while police patrolling stood at the side of the road with their riot shields down and bowed heads.

Convicted NYC bomber gets life term for New Jersey shootout

“It was a call for a man sleeping on a vestibule,” he said after the sentencing. “I never thought I would confront the person they had been looking for. I knew that I would have to take my time asking him questions and waiting for my backup to show up, but never in a million […]

Mexico open to cutting oil output to support prices, but production already waning

Last week, Saudi Arabia failed to secure Moscow’s support for deeper production cuts at a meeting of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies, known as OPEC+. Saudi Arabia then slashed prices for its exports, threatening to flood the market with oil and drive prices even lower.

Decision time: quarantine spells dilemma for domestic workers in Latin America

People affluent enough to travel abroad helped coronavirus get a foothold in Brazil, according to health officials, who worry it will swamp low-income communities where people do not have the kinds of work that allow them the luxury of staying in quarantine or access to the best healthcare.