Husband, 78, who murdered his wife 34 years ago and refused to reveal how he disposed of her body is being released from prison as parole board rule he is not risk to public

He said: ‘I do not think he can be trusted around women, around my mum or around me, it’s been acknowledged he poses a physical risk to me and an emotional risk to my mum.

Father who meticulously planned the murder of his children, 13 and 15, before gunning them down and killing himself wrote a series of letters to his ex-wives with instructions to open them after he died

‘Many students will wish to talk with their parents, so I also encourage you to let your child know that you are aware of this incident and that you will listen to their concerns at any time they wish to share that with you.

Death row inmate, 50, who was convicted of murder two decades ago after a witness was HYPNOTIZED by cops to identify him will make a final appeal in US Supreme Court

Prosecutor Jason January: ‘Mr. Flores and his supporters are erroneously stating that the entire case of the prosecution rested solely upon the testimony of only one witness who had been hypnotized and that after hypnosis the witness changed her story’

Evil dad who shot his children dead in a horror murder-suicide stalked his wife and was banned from her yoga studio for ‘perving on women while they spread their legs’

The licence was granted after NSW Firearms Registry staff used a police database report that failed to pick up several matters related to domestic violence. The inquest also heard the registry didn’t know Ku-Ring-Gai Pistol Club refused Edwards membership in early 2017.

Three-year-old murdered in Noida, parents detained

The ADCP said the 28-year-old woman was sent for treatment to the district hospital. The girl’s eight-year-old brother was also present at the spot, but was asleep at the time of the incident, the police said. However, after he was woken up by his mother, he had called up their uncle telling him about his sister’s […]

Woman held for killing girl child

It was revealed during her interrogation that the couple did not want more children after the birth of their third daughter and planned to undergo sterilisation. The woman wanted her son to have a boy. “I thought that if the newborn was killed, they will plan another child,” said Laxmi. “The desire for a male […]

Nebraska teen accused of shooting a married father-of-four cop two weeks ago is charged with first-degree murder after officer’s death

‘The Lincoln Police Department is devastated by the loss of one of our most outstanding police officers,’ the agency said in a statement. ‘Mario was an exceptional investigator, a selfless teammate, and a tireless public servant. Empathetic, kind, and utterly committed to serving victims and protecting his community, Mario was an exemplary human being who […]

Wife’s haunting diary entries discovered after she’s found dead in pool of blood

Jenny’s mum Glenda said, ‘My heart has become numb of the time and I feel like if I allow myself to fully feel, I will never stop crying.’ She spoke about being left with just photographs and how she longs to crawl into them to be with her daughter.

Pictured: Woman, 28, who ‘befriended pregnant 24-year-old school teacher on social media before murdering her and cutting her unborn child out of her womb’ after suffering a miscarriage

A court in Santa Catarina, Brazil has charged Zulmiar Schiestl (left) and Rozalba Grimm (right) with femicide, attempted murder, alleged childbirth, abduction of the incapacitated and concealment of a body after Grimm confessed to ripping out an unborn girl from the womb of Flávia Godinho on August 27

Mother whose murdered body was found in freezer had written to Jeremy Kyle asking for help to get clean from drugs

Duncan Penny, QC, prosecuting, slammed the double killer for telling ‘fairy tales’ and told him: ‘You were responsible for those deaths and the stories about these two characters, with all these elaborations, is nothing more than that. It is a story. It is a yarn. It is a tall tale.’