China hunts polluters with drones

The drones can identify lawbreakers by the color of smoke coming out of smokestacks. “The drones also captured pictures of flames in the open air, and that is still only the tip of the iceberg,” Yang said. Ironically, the progress of drone operations has been impeded because they have not been allowed to operate in […]

Record heat wave in Siberia has far-flung consequences

Wildfires envelope Siberia, choke Russian cities Huge environmental impact The image shows an aerial view of the wildfires in Russia’s Siberia. Massive forest fires are a common occurrence in the region, but the magnitude of this year’s blazes has reached an exceptional level with fears of a long-term effect on the environment.

Inferno continues to ravage USS Bonhomme Richard for a SECOND DAY day as temperatures onboard hit 1,000F and the blaze sends acrid smoke billowing over San Diego

Brennan said it’s common that a ship would deactivate the Halon system while it is being worked on because the gas can be dangerous to humans. But the fire’s extensive and rapid spread indicates the Navy might not have done enough to compensate for the deactivation of the suppression system, and had ‘poor or no […]

Man jailed for snatching phones from foreign tourists

Vu Van Doan, 45, who lives in Hoan Kiem District and had no stable job, was charged with property theft and admitted his crime to the court. He claimed he “didn’t think it through.”

For some environmentalists, ‘I can’t breathe’ is about more than police brutality

The 2018 National Climate Assessment, the US government’s most comprehensive report on the impact of current and future climate change, says, “Across all climate risks, children, older adults, low-income communities, some communities of color, and those experiencing discrimination are disproportionately affected by extreme weather and climate events, partially because they are often excluded in planning […]

Your Car Is Spewing Microplastics That Blow Around the World

This reflectance is known as albedo, and it’s a serious concern in the Arctic. Because ice is white, it reflects a good deal of the sun’s energy back into space compared to the land, which is darker and absorbs more energy. One of the reasons the Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest […]

China may ease green rules for electric car production this year

China’s industry ministry said on Monday it might temporarily ease quotas designed to boost production of electric cars, in an attempt to help automakers in the world’s biggest market revive sales badly bruised by the coronavirus pandemic. China has some of the world’s strictest rules regarding the production of fossil-fuel vehicles, as it battles unhealthy […]

COVID-19 pandemic triggered ‘economic contagion,’ costing world’s economy $3.8T and leaving 147M unemployed

In their research, the experts found that nearly 3 billion people were asked to stay at home because of lockdowns, including more than 1 billion in India. Thirty-eight regions around the world with 26 different industry sectors were observed for the study.

Lung Cancer: Early diagnosis is never too late

Lung cancer may grow into or near the throat, leading to difficulty swallowing or pain with swallowing. It may grow into the heart or in the mid-chest region, causing abnormal heart rhythms, blockage of blood flow through the heart, or fluid in the sac surrounding the heart. The cancer may grow into or compress one […]

A new MacBook Air with Apple’s own chips may be coming later this year

Kuo believes that an upgraded 13.3-inch MacBook Pro powered by Apple Silicon will likely go into mass production in the fourth quarter of this year. Similarly, a new MacBook Air will arrive in that same period or in the first quarter of next year. Neither of these will have any visual changes and will largely […]