Even short-term exposure to low levels of air pollution can increase risk of cardiac arrest

Research published by The BMJ found a link between exposure to particle pollution and hospitalizations due to respiratory and cardiovascular problems. The study also found air pollution is related to hospitalizations caused by unexpected diseases such as septicemia, kidney failure, skin infections and urinary tract infections.

Air pollution ages your lungs faster and increases your risk of COPD, study says

President Donald Trump made a pledge in his 2017 State of the Union address to “promote clean air and water,” but his administration has reversed or proposed rollbacks to major air pollution protections, emissions standards and drilling and extraction regulations.

Air pollution may have killed 30,000 people in a single year, study says

“I think the big conclusion is that lowering the limits of air pollution could delay in the US, all together, tens of thousands of deaths each year,” said Majid Ezzati, the study’s lead author and a professor of global environmental health at Imperial College London.

DC, NoVa Region Endured 86 Days With High Levels Of Air Pollution

“Our message today is clear. No Virginian should have to experience one single day of polluted air, let alone 86 days,” said Ellie Reynolds, the clean cars associate with Environment America, at a Tuesday, Jan. 28, press briefing in Fairfax. “That should concern every Virginian because research increasingly suggests there isn’t a level of air […]

Six central ministries bought more air purifiers as Delhi battled toxic air: Reuters

That compares with at least 140 air purifiers bought for $55,000 during 2014-2017 for the six ministries and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s office, as previously reported by Reuters. The latest data on purchases for Modi’s office was not available.

Exposure to polluted air is like smoking a pack a day, study says

“Ground-level ozone is produced when UV light reacts with pollutants from fossil fuels,” added Barr. “This process is accelerated by heatwaves, so ground-level ozone will likely continue to increase unless additional steps are taken to reduce fossil fuel emissions and curb climate change. But it’s not clear what level of ozone, if any, is safe for human health.”

Heavy traffic pollution may affect kids’ brain development

Children participating in CCAAPS were brought to the clinic at ages 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 and 12 years. During each visit, caregivers filled out questionnaires that asked about the children’s health, general wellbeing, housing characteristics and residential history. At age 12, the children were assessed on reading ability, executive function, mental health, intelligence and […]

Indian ministries buy more air purifiers as capital battles toxic air

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – India’s government has stepped up the purchase of air purifiers over the last two years, taking the number of devices in ministries to protect against deteriorating air quality to nearly 300, government data seen by Reuters showed.

Red Sea releases 220,000 tons of harmful hydrocarbon gases into the atmosphere every year – more than the human pollution produced by the UAE, Kuwait or Turkey

‘Sea level is often communicated as a really slow process that you can’t do much about … but the next 30 years really matter,’ lead author Dr Matthias Mengel, of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, in Potsdam, Germany, told Reuters.

Even low particulate matter pollution is bad for the heart, says study

There is a 1%-4% increased risk of cardiac arrest associated with every 10 µg/m3 increase in PM2.5, the fine particulate matter linked to a slew of respiratory diseases and cardiac ailments, according to report in the latest edition of Lancet Planetary Health. The study analysed a quarter of a million patients and was among the […]