First four patients in Da Nang hotspot recover from COVID-19

Da Nang has become the epicentre of the latest coronavirus outbreak which occured in late July. It has since registered a total of 242 cases, including 184 at a field hospital in Hoa Vang district, in addition to 58 at the Da Nang Hospital for Lung Diseases. Most notably, the majority of them have since […]

Court rules against challenge to state’s use of energy funds

The ruling came in a 2018 lawsuit filed by a coalition of environmental groups and other plaintiffs. They said then-Gov. Dannel Malloy and legislators illegally used $145 million from the energy efficiency fees to help reduce state budget deficits in the 2018 and 2019 fiscal years. The fees also fund green energy projects.

Is yoga being sexualised?

If you look at yoga search trends over the past five years in India, on Google Trends, (a dynamic matrix that tell us, in data terms, what people searched for online) the first three results were in Hindi. “Sexy yoga”, “Yoga sexy video”, and “yoga sex video” showed what Google calls “breakout” numbers, meaning it […]

We are all warriors

It is our fear of not being in control that is paralysing us. Fear that we feel is real, let us not fool ourselves, yet let us not allow it to overstay in us. Since we anyway cannot see the future why get excited or worried about it, let it just play itself out.

Reason for avataras

Kamban says that in Ayodhya, no one gave any daana. Daana can be given, only if there is someone to receive it. When everyone is prosperous, there will be no recipients. Similarly, in Paramapada, there is no one in need of daya, for no one has any doshas there. Hence the need for avataras.

Vyasa advises Arjuna

The incident of Arjuna realising the loss of his renowned prowess and powers as an invincible warrior is narrated by Suta in the Devi Bhagavata Purana. Though it is difficult to believe this truth, and still more difficult to accept it, he is enlightened about his self by Vyasa, pointed out Sri K. Srinivasan in […]

Abir Mukherjee: ‘Using the crime novel to discuss social issues is in our blood’

There does not seem to be any way the two could agree on the Freedom Movement. “I am not so sure,” says Abir. “Not all the British in India believed in the English divine right to govern. I don’t think it would be completely outrageous to say that in the end Sam would be convinced […]

Janmashtami celebrations in Chandigarh to be toned down this time

Nand Maharaj, the head of ISKCON Temple in Sector 36, said, “We get thousands of visitors during Janmashtami and maintaining social distancing won’t be possible. Due to this, we won’t open doors for devotees this time. There are a few people who live inside the temple. They will carry out a pooja, which will be […]

Biden Aides Will Stiff Arm GOP’s Burisma Probe, Sources Say

On Friday, Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) published an op-ed in The Washington Post, claiming the Trump administration “is keeping the truth about a grave, looming threat to democracy hidden from the American people.” Blumenthal specifically referenced his attendance at classified briefings on attempts by foreign countries, including Russia, to interfere in the 2020 presidential election. […]

Obama unleashes on Trump privately as he raises $24 million for Biden

DNC officials and Biden campaign aides have tried, gingerly, to enlist Michelle Obama to appear in her own online fundraisers. But the former first lady, who has been focusing her energy on other projects like a new podcast, has told people in her orbit that she does not consider herself a political player. She has […]