Northern Vietnam forecasted to see record cold winter

The northern region of Vietnam could face record cold spells in this year’s winter, said Mai Van Khiem, director of the National Hydro-meteorological Forecast Centre. According to Khiem, in the last months of this year, this year’s winter in the north would come earlier than usual and the region would experience cold snaps with the […]

Coronavirus second wave ‘could come in spring 2021’ because winter weather can create a ‘mini-quarantine’ as people stay home, scientist warns

‘I think it will dip in the summer, towards the end of June, and come back in November, in the way that seasonal flu does. I think it will be around forever, but become less severe over time, as immunity builds up.’

Winter Olympics 2022: Beijing chosen to stage Games

Where once the promise of a boost to tourism and better national sporting facilities would suffice, it seems many countries are heeding the lessons learned from the debt experienced by Greece from the $11 billion bill for 2004 Athens Summer Olympics.

Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 should not be held in China, human rights groups say in letter to IOC

CNN has reached out to the IOC for comment on the letter. In a statement to Reuters, the IOC said that they remained neutral on political issues, and that awarding the Olympic Games “does not mean that the IOC agrees with the political structure, social circumstances or human rights standards in its country.”

Denver is under a winter storm watch two days after the city hit 101 degrees

Residents of the Mile High City will go from experiencing record heat to preparing for a sudden snow storm. The city is expecting a more than 60-degree drop in daily high temperatures, from 101 degrees on Saturday to a predicted 37 degrees on Tuesday. Sunday was kind of hot too, with a high of 99.

‘Flying Toys’: Indian Netizens Mock Chinese Army’s ‘Show-Off’ Video of Drones Serving Hot Food

With these drones, the PLA’s frontline soldiers can enjoy hot meals once winter reaches the plateau. Some sympathize with the nearby Indian soldiers who can only eat cold canned food and have to endure the severe cold and potential spread of COVID-19.

Modern water dispensers that dispense cold and hot water

It also has a heavy-load bottle holder with a bottle piercer mounted at the top and you can remove the drip tray to clean it frequently. There is also an LED indicator for hot and cool water. Voltas Plastic Pearl Water Dispenser The Voltas Plastic Pearl Water Dispenser offers you the perfect drinking water and […]

Early winter storm hits Colorado after temperatures plummet following record heat wave

The storm will be slow to move out of Colorado, with additional snow mixed with rain possible in the mountains on Wednesday, Thursday and even Friday. Snow should end completely for Denver and the Front Range no later than noon Wednesday, but it will take several more days before warmer weather returns.

Coronavirus second wave may hit in spring 2021 with ‘winter bringing own benefits’

“But again, if you’re wearing masks, to some extent this will be helpful, but you have to remove the airborne virus that may be expelled over the hours to actually make those masks work.”

Second wave of coronavirus may arrive in spring, not winter, one scientist says

“Paradoxically, an influx of people with the flu seeking COVID-19 tests could potentially drive down the percentage of positive tests, which would then misleadingly suggest that COVID-19 was decreasing,” Neuman said, adding, “That is one reason why percent positive rates should not be taken in isolation to monitor the pandemic.”