Kanye West’s Record Deal Is Standard. That Doesn’t Mean the Record Industry Is Fair

Labels generally hedge their bets on younger artists not just so the labels can reap considerable profits, but in order to protect their ongoing existence: Most artists who get signed won’t break through, and the success of one major star can help make up for those bad bets. But as the music industry comes out […]

This Election, David Duchovny Wants to Go on Record

At the beginning of the year, the actor-musician-writer was relishing a few days off upstate to work on his new music at Outlier Inn, a 12-acre property that boasts an alpaca farm, glamping facilities, and a slowly decaying deer carcass that the studio dog, Buella, feasted on between takes. She gallantly gave up her bed […]

S.F. scooter rental company Spin expands as Muni struggles

Delgado previously worked for 24 Hour Fitness and the bicycle rental company Bay Wheels, owned by Lyft, both of which laid him off as the coronavirus hit their businesses and bottom lines. Now he sets out and picks up Spin scooters. (The city permit program requires scooter companies to hire workers as employees.)

The best PlayStation 4 games for 2020

Monster Hunter: World modernizes a classic RPG and makes it easy for anyone to jump in. It features beautiful zones that feel alive, monsters with improved A.I., and really cool DLC crossovers with Final Fantasy, Street Fighter, and Horizon Zero Dawn. There’s also a multiplayer mode where up to four players can suit up in […]

NigeriaAt60: Buhari Independence Day Speech (FULL TEXT)

Fellow Nigerians, let us collectively resolve to continue our journey beyond the sixty years on the clear understanding that as a nation we are greater together than being smaller units of nationalities. By the special grace of God, we shall come through any transient challenges.

Companies are just now starting to figure out remote work

How to educate the next workforce The power of narrative and role of storytelling in business These are the new rules for the future of the planet How to make sure tech companies do the right thing Companies are just now starting to figure out remote work How to build a more human workplace These […]

Inside Facebook’s quadruple play: How the company is finally melding its apps

Confusion about the relationship between Facebook and the other services under its umbrella was “long-term, not a good thing for us,” says Instagram VP of product Vishal Shah. He points out that the company’s apps have always benefited from certain logical integrations and consolidations. For example, Instagram users have been able to cross-post photos to […]

HomePod Mini is Apple’s smaller, smarter, $99 smart speaker

Apple’s HomePod debuted in 2018 with a $349 price tag, great sound and the risk of putting white rings on your tabletop. Since then, despite some handy iterations on the HomePod’s features via periodic software updates, Apple hasn’t made much progress in the smart home, even as Amazon and Google continue to expand their audiences […]

Are there really 36 alien civilizations out there? Well, maybe

The team calculated the age distribution of stars in the Milky Way, looking for those at least 5 billion years old and presumably old enough to host a humanlike civilization. They found that 97% of stars in the Milky Way are older than 5 billion years. Our solar system, at 4.5 billion years old, is a […]

The best Xbox One games for 2020

The changes in Forza Motorsport 7 are incremental compared to previous games, but they still add up to the best version of a racing game that had already claimed the top prize. The artificial intelligence is smarter in races, making each victory that much more satisfying. The cars are varied and fun to drive, and […]