Top leader: AIPA should continue joining efforts to further promote ASEAN centrality

Party General Secretary and State President Nguyen Phu Trong stressed the point in his video message to the opening ceremony of the 41st General Assembly of the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly this morning. Trong said the world and Southeast Asia are witnessing rapid and extraordinarily profound changes, particularly due to the COVID-19 pandemic and major powers […]

Mondelez Kinh Do seeks to continue leading snack market with ‘Make it right’ strategy

By combining the strengths of a local organisation with the highest standards of a global behemoth, the brands from Mondelēz Kinh Do portfolio have become the Vietnamese consumers’go-to choices. The company’s managing director, Hemant Rupani, talks about the achievements during these five years and its plans for the upcoming moon cakes range for its domestic […]

Book World: In ‘Not a Novel,’ Jenny Erpenbeck continues to evolve

“Not a Novel,” the latest from Jenny Erpenbeck, bears the subtitle “A Memoir in Pieces,” and yet it does not include much memoir, strictly speaking. Though this author’s 2017 novel, “Go, Went, Gone,” was greeted with acclaim, for the new selection of essays her American editors preferred a shorter selection than appeared in the original […]

CMSA building lawyers’ capacity to meet demands of evolving capital market ― Obidegwu

By Onozure Dania Mr. Benjamin Obidegwu is the Chairman, Capital Market Solicitors Association, CMSA. In this interview, he spoke on why the association was formed and the activities of the body. Excerpt: What does the CMSA represent to modern-day commercial/transactional lawyers? And do you think it has achieved its set objectives over the years? CMSA […]

Personhood for Pets? How the Human-Animal Bond Has Evolved

Veterinarians worry about malpractice lawsuits, which could become even more costly if animals were granted personhood. Scientists worry that recognizing pets as legal persons could make it impossible to use animals in research, where they are used for basic science and for testing clinical treatments. Farmers are also concerned that if dogs and cats were […]

Defying crackdowns, QAnon continues its relentless global spread

Content in these groups ranges from genuine news reports of pedophilia and child abuse to misinformation. References are often made to the QAnon mythos, even when the wider movement is not always explicitly named. “They’re mixing fictional problems with real ones, creating a real knot of different narratives,” said Mr. Ondrak.

HiPhi X Evolvable super SUV – Global landmark attracting the attention

SHANGHAI, CHINA - Media OutReach - 9 September 2020 – One year ago, the Chinese brand HiPhi, a subsidiary of Human Horizons, showed people its prototype, which advanced the lines of a future high-end electric full-size SUVs. Now the firm has revealed the final version of its first model, which has been bestowed the name HiPhi X […]

The evolving ‘Mahabharata’: Scholar Sunil P. Elayidom’s new book attempts to decode the ancient epic

The epic’s complex narrative itself reflects its multifaceted character. It’s not the linear text of a flawless story. There are several contradictions within. While Rishi Vyasa is believed to be the creator of the Mahabharata, he is also a character in the epic. Vyasa, son of Satyavati and Parashara, is the biological father of the […]

Bank of Canada continues keeping interest rate at 0.25 percent

It also took numerous other actions in financial markets to shore up stability and provide urgently needed liquidity, including launching programs to buy federal and provincial government debt, which was the bank’s first venture into a monetary policy strategy known as quantitative easing.

Alexei Navalny’s anti-corruption message continues, despite poisoning, in videos released by his foundation

Navalny was lobbying for “Smart Voting.” He argued that if he and people like him couldn’t run in elections in Russia, the next best thing was to simply vote for a candidate who is not from the same party as President Vladimir Putin, United Russia.