Column: Remote work is here to stay. Here’s how to make it work

Policing agencies that are geared to deal with law and order in the physical world, must gear themselves better to deal with online crime. Above all, the police must develop mechanisms to collaborate with their peers in other countries. And finally, informational privacy and security must become part of the mainstream discourse a lot more […]

Lack of cloud expertise, controls leave APAC firms vulnerable in remote work

Another study by CrowdStrike in June revealed that 45% respondents across four Asia-Pacific markets — Singapore, India, Australia, and Japan — said their organisation did not provide employees with additional training on dealing with cybersecurity risks associated with working from home. In addition, 54% believed their organisations were more likely to experience a serious cyberattack […]

Office Ready? Jetson-Driven ‘Double Robot’ Supports Remote Working

Also, COVID-19 has spurred interest for contact-free work using the Double. Pharmaceutical companies have contacted Double Robotics asking how the robot might aid in international development efforts, according to Cann. The biggest use case amid the pandemic is for using the Double robots in place of international business travel, he said. Instead of flying in […]

Nicola Sturgeon urges Scottish people to ‘work from home’ – setting her on major collision course with Boris Johnson’s ‘back to the office’ message AGAIN

‘But I am also acutely aware that if we lose the battle to keep Covid under control then that’s not good for the economy because we end up going back and having to put parts of our economy back into lockdowns.’

Britain gets back to work with traffic back to pre-Covid levels as UK bounces back

Boris Johnson demanded last week that civil servants lead by example by heading back to the office, and staff were told 80 per cent of staff should be back behind desks at least two days a week.

How to increase the attack surface visibility

Business success heavily relies on the way data is treated today by enterprises. Security gaps in networks and consequent data breaches can have heavy implications on business. It is crucial to have network infrastructure and endpoints secured. The disorder created by Covid-19 has further opened new avenues for the attackers to launch their campaigns and […]

Robots won’t take away our jobs. They will make work safer and more efficient

Retail and delivery companies have explored using robots and drones to sort or deliver packages for years. With Covid risks, the need for this technology became immediate. Using robots to handle the last-mile delivery of packages and limit human interaction, for example, not only helps protect drivers, but it also reassures customers. Last year, DoorDash […]

Cyber risk prioritisation and attack surface visibility

The chaos surrounding Covid-19 has forced seismic changes in many businesses. Many of these are concerned with securing a large remote workforce. On an organisational level, IT teams have been working full-out to ensure every employee is set up properly. On a security level, there are a number of new risks that must now be […]

How Air Works built a multi-layered security posture

Security safeguards integrated with business are paramount for a company moving to a process and data-driven approach, to ensure that information remains protected, customer interests are safeguarded and compliances met.This is especially true for Air Works, which is India’s largest third-party MRO provider, which serves all major airlines in the country. According to Ramkumar Mohan, […]

Girl’s way of decoding parental control code leaves dad ‘frightened and impressed’

The Internet is filled with stories which showcase the smartness of kids perfectly. It won’t be wrong to say, at times, some of the incidents also show how they can even be smarter than adults. Case in point is this story shared by writer and journalist Ed O’Loughlin.