Alexei Navalny’s wife Yulia ‘is released from custody in Moscow’ after posting selfie from inside police van following her arrest at anti-Putin rally

Putin’s most vocal domestic critic called for mass rallies after surviving a near-fatal poisoning with a Novichok nerve agent and returned to Moscow following months of treatment in Germany. He was arrested at Sheremetyevo Airport and jailed. Pictured: Large crowds of anti-Putin demonstrators gathered on Saturday (pictured) in temperatures as low as minus 60F

Must be nice! Inside the unbelievable hinterland hideaway that has its own RAINFOREST – complete with spectacular views, resort-inspired decor and a sparkling infinity pool

Hot market: According to Domain, the median house price in Byron Bay is now more than $1.44million, which is up 22.8 per cent from last year. Pictured: The Project host Carrie Bickmore, who owns a $3million holiday home in Byron Bay

Google apps and websites get support for more security keys on iOS devices

USB-A and Bluetooth Titan Security Keys, which have NFC functionality built-in. This allows iOS users to tap the Titan key to the back of an iPhone when prompted during the login operation into a Google website or Google iOS app.Lightning security keys like the YubiKey 5Ci or any USB security key, if the user has […]

Martian mineral, rare on Earth, found locked in Antarctic ice

After examining the particles with an electron microscope, the team deduced that the jarosite had formed in pockets within the ice. This finding hints that the mineral formed in the same way on Mars, although on the Red Planet, jarosite appears in “meters-thick deposits,” not as a few sparse grains, Megan Elwood Madden, a geochemist […]

For a college town like Boulder, the return of students could be the key to economic recovery

Colorado in the start of 2021 has tried to extend a lifeline to those businesses, as Gov. Jared Polis lifted some of the dining restrictions, and Boulder County has recently applied for the state’s 5 Star Certification Program. But more dining space doesn’t do much good if the people normally dining haven’t even moved back […]

Dems Squad members try to save the worst killers of all: Pressley and Bush demand Biden commutes sentences of all 49 federal prisoners on death row, including Charleston church shooter Dylan Roof and Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Len Davis, 56: Davis was known as ‘Robocop’ during his time in the New Orleans Police Department. He was suspended six times in a five-year period before receiving the Medal of Merit. A woman called Kim Groves filed a complaint saying she had seen him beat up a man who he thought had been involved […]

Chad Wheeler Police Report, GF Told Cops He’s Off His Bipolar Meds and ‘Snapped’

When cops arrived at the scene, officers say they “could hear a female screaming from inside the apartment” and forced their way inside. They also forced their way into a locked bathroom where they found the woman with blood all over her face and Chad standing behind her.

Terrified mum finds a stranger living in her ROOF for weeks after spotting objects mysteriously moving

Boyfriend moves 10,000 miles to be with woman he fell in love with online during lockdown, but dumped her just three WEEKS later and moved back to Australia

Double your money! As magnificent readers help get computers to schoolkids during lockdown, big-hearted firms boost donations total to astonishing £750k

Her friend Keira Coles, also nine, added: ‘I think it’s great that we have laptops and iPads – I love using them now and feel really confident.’ Classmate Oliver Cutler, eight, said: ‘I like laptops because it shows that even if you are home and have no pens or paper, you can still get your […]

HS2 protesters hope to occupy Euston tunnel for weeks

At 48 he is the oldest of the four inside the tunnel. Blue Sandford, 18, who is on school strike for the climate is also inside the tunnel along with a third activist known as Scotty has had previous experience of life inside a tunnel to protest about environmental damage. The fourth protester occupying the […]