Wildlife authorities publish guidelines on wild animal releases

Before that happens, the circular said authorities should run tests on animal adaptability and determine how the release could affect local ecology. For animals with huge numbers, provincial authorities can make arrangements for them to be released in other provinces.

Coronavirus pandemic puts focus on tuberculosis among zoo animals

“A scientific study in 2012 conducted on 600 elephants in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka said there was evidence for high prevalence of asymptomatic tuberculosis infection in Asian elephants in a captive Indian setting,” observed Dr. Valliyate . “Another paper published in 2016 concluded there is evidence to suggest cross-species (between elephants and humans) TB […]

New Pokemon and Digimon Anime Have Fans Reliving the Good Old Days

For those who haven’t been keeping track of things, 2020 is a big year for monster anime. A slew of series are slated to make a comeback this year or are in the midst of them. Here in the U.S., cartoon series like Ben 10 caught so many by surprise with its announcement comeback, but […]

Next coronavirus ‘right around the corner’ if wet markets don’t close, animal rights groups, politicians warn

“Banning wet markets is not only going to be impossible, but will also be destructive for urban food security in China as they play such a pivotal role in ensuring urban residents’ access to affordable and healthy food,” Dr. Zhenzhong Si, a research associate at Canada’s University of Waterloo, told Bloomberg News.

Conservationists No Longer Agree on What ‘Wild’ Means

The gnarled trunk was a relic from the time when these hills were cultivated by Italian farmers, before they abandoned their fields at the end of the Second World War. Volunteers under Cipollone’s guidance had removed the dead wood and opened the tree to the light in order to stimulate a return of fruit—not for […]

Wild elephant rescued from farm well near Palamaner

A herd of five elephants was on the move in Gangavaram mandal since a couple of weeks, raiding crops. On Wednesday night, when the the herd entered a field, a male adult elephant slipped into an abandoned 10-foot deep well. From midnight till the early hours, the beleaguered jumbo kept trumpeting, while the other members […]

Anime Fans Enter the Six Fan Arts Challenge With Dazzling Fan Art

Did you know ComicBook.com has a Pokemon podcast? That’s right folks, A Wild Podcast Has Appeared is available every Thursday bringing you the best breakdowns of the week’s biggest news from Jim Viscardi, Megan Peters & Christian Hoffer. Catch the newest episode right here or subscribe on iTunes today!

Netflix to Create Original Animated Event Series Based on Roald Dahl’s Most Beloved Stories

The list of titles in the agreement between Netflix and the Roald Dahl Story Company includes Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, The BFG, The Twits, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, George’s Marvellous Medicine, Boy – Tales of Childhood, Going Solo, The Enormous Crocodile, The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me, Henry Sugar, Billy […]

All the Wild ‘Tiger King’ Spin-Off Projects, from a Kate McKinnon-as-Carole Baskin TV Series to… Brad Pitt?

INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY TRUE-CRIME SERIES Naturally, ID will be getting in on the action as well. Investigating the Strange World of Joe Exotic will include exclusive footage and “[reveal] secrets only Maldonado-Passage knows. But the sequel also digs deeper into the skeletons he and other cat lovers in his wild world may still be hiding. Who […]

Amazing video shows the moment a lightning flash turns the sky purple during a wild storm

After the storm, however, a mix of conditions – including high dew points, light, and low clouds – made the sky appear purple.