Mexico-Costa Rica friendly in doubt

The fixture, if it goes ahead, will be the first outing for both teams this year. International matches in the North American, Central American and the Caribbean Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) have been suspended since March because of the global health crisis. Enditem

Drug trafficking ring connected to El Chapo’s Sinaloa Cartel disbanded and $19.9 million worth of cocaine seized in Costa Rican raids

‘It is linked to a group that settled in our country that had a direct relationship with the Sinaloa Cartel and that was using our territory to transport cocaine to Mexico,’ said Walter Espinoza, head of the Judicial Investigation Body.

North American qualifying for 2022 World Cup delayed

However, it was unclear how FIFA and CONCACAF will reschedule games. The final eight-team group had been scheduled to start in June, but those dates could now be needed to complete the six-team playoffs among the lower-ranked nations. If so, the big teams like the U.S. and Mexico may not play their first qualifying games […]

How the #cottagecore Internet aesthetic dovetails with pandemic travel

Applied to vacationing, #cottagecore is a perfect fit for the times. During the pandemic, travel has naturally drifted toward more intimate, socially distant pursuits, as the popularity of RV road trips and camping attests. Cottagecore takes this retreat one dainty step further by harking back to a time before the advent of fast-paced modern life […]

Nicaraguans testify of abuses in crackdown on protests

Nicaragua’s protests began in April 2018 with retirees demonstrating against announced changes to the social security system. When they were violently put down, students took to the streets and the protests expanded to a list of grievances against the government.

Atrapados por la pandemia, los migrantes exigen mejor vida

Panamá ha reportado hasta ahora más de 97.500 casos de coronavirus y 2.099 decesos. En las últimas semanas los contagios se han estabilizado y las muertes han disminuido. El gobierno anunció un plan para permitir la reapertura de más actividad económica y el levantamiento de las restricciones de movilidad a partir de la segunda semana […]

The Italian Mob Is Still Alive and Violent

In a 32-page indictment that revealed the Mafia is still hanging around even after decades of arrests and long prison sentences, federal prosecutors charged 46 members and associates of five La Cosa Nostra crime families for a sprawling criminal enterprise with operations from Massachusetts to Florida. The long list of crimes includes assault, gun trafficking, […]

Brazil sees minor improvement in Global Innovation Index

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EXCLUSIVE: Joe Biden’s brother Frank owes dead man’s family $1 MILLION for 80mph car crash – but has never paid a cent in 20 years and the Democratic candidate did NOTHING to help

Whether what Joe Biden’s staff told the Albanos about Frank was true – that he had no assets – is at the very least open to question, given the shifting accounts he has offered of his career, and by 2009 he was the self-described ‘big cheese’ of a chain of charter schools, with access to […]