‘Fat-phobic’ Airbnb hosts slammed for BANNING anyone over 16st from their cottage as they ‘may damage the old oak beams’

“We enforce a strict non-discrimination policy and under our Open Doors initiative, if a guest feels they have been discriminated against, we will provide personalised support to ensure they find a place to stay.”

NSA against 3 for alleged murder of 9-year-old in Agra: Cops

However, the boy’s body was found on Thursday. Villagers were angry against “police’s laxity” in the case and tension prevailed in the area as the accused and victim belonged to different communities. Sensing trouble, the police presence was increased in the area.

3-year-old dies after father allegedly smashes her on floor during fight: Police

“When a local police team reached the spot, the woman was found injured and the child was found dead. They were immediately taken to a hospital, where the woman is undergoing treatment,” Additional Commissioner of Police, Noida, Ranvijay Singh said.

Film Review: Ricky Staub’s ‘Concrete Cowboy’ Starring Idris Elba & Caleb McLaughlin

At first glance, the slums of Philadelphia don’t look any more conducive to a proper upbringing than home did. Perhaps less so, for smack dab in the middle of Dad’s junk-strewn apartment is a big live horse. But dealing with the horse seems easier than contending with Dad (Idris Elba), a tough nut who’s so […]

A plumber charged hundreds without a quote or invoice

Perhaps even more telling is the Indeed website, where staff rate their employer. One of the most recent posts is entitled: “If you like ripping people off this companies [sic] for you!”. Another, posted last November, says the company should be shut down and adds: “They charge customers a ridiculous amount of money just to […]

Monday briefing: ‘Abide by rule of six,’ police plead

The new rules are being introduced in a bid to prevent a second wave of the virus, but a poll by the BMA has found that almost 86% of doctors in England say they expect a second peak of coronavirus in the next six months. New cases are running at their highest rate since May. […]

UK cities should work for the people who live in them, not for distant shareholders

Advertisers love agglomeration because it fuels an urban buzz they can seize upon to grow demand. But as land and property values increase, local people are often priced out of areas and urban culture is eroded. Instead of vibrant high streets with a diversity of local businesses, we get areas with multiple franchises of the […]

Withings ScanWatch review: health-tracking watch with 30-day battery

The ScanWatch also has a smart vibrating alarm function that monitors your sleep cycle and wakes you up at the best possible time for you to feel refreshed. You set the time by which it it must wake you up plus a window leading up to it where it can wake you up early if […]

Guam boy, 10, dies as Covid outbreak threatens country’s health system

“When that light is put out too soon … we have all lost. As a mother and a grandmother, losing a child seems especially senseless. But that’s because this virus isn’t reasonable, it won’t discriminate, it won’t get lazy, it will not grow tired, divisive or complacent. It will take what it can and it’s […]

Cops scramble to ID woman dragged by car down in broad daylight

“Due to her current condition, we are not in a position to engage with her at this time, but it is crucial that we are quickly able to determine who she is and progress our investigations accordingly.