Outside Lands’ CEO Sees the Post-Crisis Music Industry as an Opportunity

Tell me about what the last few weeks have been like on your end.We’ve had to reschedule a number of shows for the fall. I think the earliest show that wasn’t scheduled right now is the third week of August, but that could change tomorrow, you know, depending on what’s going on. You’ve got to […]

Executive Turntable: UK Music Appoints New Chair, BMGPM Names Sony/ATV Vet as Co-Head

“UK Music speaks with a powerful voice for the whole of the UK commercial music sector. And at the heart of the sector are the songwriters and musicians, many thousands of whom stand ready to serve in the national effort against the coronavirus,” said Watson in a statement. He went on to note that “thousands […]

Bill Withers: The Soul Man Who Walked Away

The youngest of six children, Withers was born with a stutter and had a hard time fitting in. “When you stutter, people have a tendency to disregard you,” he says. That was compounded by the unvarnished Jim Crow racism that was a way of life in his youth. “One of the first things I learned, […]

R&B Great Percy Sledge Dead at 74

The song became an enduring hit, in part, due to the real pain in Sledge’s voice. The tune began as a pleading ballad with the Esquires, after Sledge lost both his construction job and his girl. “I didn’t have any money to go after her, so there was nothing I could do to try and get her […]

Bill Withers Was the Definition of Timeless

Withers was married briefly in the early 1970s to Denise Nicholas, then a star of the TV show Room 222. There is some indication Withers was something much less than an enlightened man at that point: “I am a male chauvinist,” he told Jet magazine proudly in one interview. In November 1972, Nicholas broke up […]

Reading beyond the lines

Throughout the 30s, his chief extra-literary preoccupation was the fate of the post-Revolutionary experiment: he lived in Russia for almost half of 1935 to study how the Leninist revision was faring under Stalin. It was a move of great professional bravery and physical courage – Wilson caught scarlet fever and nearly died in an Odessa […]

Corona Chronicles: Bethenny Frankel’s BStrong Donates Test Kits, An Actor Reveals Diagnosis, and Other Personal Stories

So, yeah, it sucks that people won’t get to see the movie on the big screen, and I was depressed about it for about three days. But now I see it in a different context. People need a laugh right now. They need an escape. This movie is a warm hug. It makes you feel […]

Bill Withers Dies: ’70s Soul Singer Of ‘Lean On Me’ & ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ Was 81

Along with the Lean on Me movie, Withers’ songs have been used in more than 200 movies and TV shows, most recently in the pilot of NBC’s comedy Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and in Netflix’s Soundtrack. He also was a guest of Johnny Carson, Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show; performed on American Bandstand […]

The best Verizon Wireless plans in April 2020

Verizon Wireless plan: Medium | 4GB data | Unlimited calls and texts | $50/MonthIf you think you’re likely to bump up against the 2GB limit on Verizon’s cheaper plan, you may want to consider the 4GB plan. For $15 more, you get an extra 2GB at full 4G LTE speed. Plus, with these plans, you […]

Business leaders making big calls to survive coronavirus

Phase two is about people. This has included taking people down to 80 per cent of salary (which reduces costs but still allows the potential to qualify for the Covid-19 wage subsidy) and removing sales or operations staff that simply won’t have work for three to six months. An example from this week is Fletcher Building.