Instant View: Canada’s GDP growth in April plunged by a record 11% from March

“It leaves quarterly growth in Q2 tracking at the high end of the scenarios that (the Bank of Canada) laid out in their last Monetary Policy Report. But the big question is how fast can the recovery be and there are wide uncertainty bands around how fast that can be, and that depends not just […]

Canada GDP in April fell a record 11% as economy shut down: Statscan

“Spending reductions were influenced by substantial job losses, income uncertainty, and limited opportunities to spend because of the mandatory closure of non-essential retail stores, restaurants and services, and restrictions on travel and tourism activities,” Statscan said.

Shuttered Canada-US border highlights different approaches to the pandemic – and differences between the 2 countries

On Sept. 11, 2001, Canada assisted when U.S. airspace was abruptly closed, by putting a mothballed airport in Gander, Newfoundland, into service. And 10,000 citizens of Gander volunteered to house and feed more than 7,000 inbound passengers who couldn’t get to the U.S. This act of international friendship was celebrated in the popular Broadway musical […]

Canada ‘needs’ airline industry, is monitoring day by day: minister

Separately on Friday, the government announced additional funding to help Indigenous communities get through the coronavirus outbreak, including C$270 million ($196.2 million) for individual income support and C$285 million in additional healthcare resources.

In Canada’s COVID-19 capital, bone-weary nurses plead for summer break

MONTREAL (Reuters) – Quebec nurses and orderlies are pleading for time off this summer, ahead of a possible second wave of coronavirus infections in the fall, as Canada’s hardest-hit province from the virus wrestles with a staffing crunch in its health sector.

Many Canadians shocked by U.S. riots, Canada has racism problem too, PM Trudeau says

“Anti-black racism – racism – is real. It’s in the United States but it’s also in Canada and we know people are facing systemic discrimination, unconscious bias and anti-black racism every single day,” he told reporters. “We have work to do as well in Canada.”

‘Not just in the US’: amateur historian highlights Canada’s forgotten racism

“There’s been this resurgence across Canada and the United States of people reclaiming their history,” said Mohamed, pointing out that Edmonton’s Oliver neighbourhood is named after Frank Oliver, the former federal minister who championed policies barring black immigration to Canada and successfully lobbied for the forced removal First Nations from their treaty lands.

Canada to feature woman on bank note: seven top candidates

6. Laura Secord Secord is remembered for her efforts to warn British forces of an American attack, during the war of 1812, which pitted the United States against the British empire. While living in occupied territory with her husband James Secord – who had been seriously wounded at the Battle of Queenston Heights – Secord […]

Canada seeks nominations for woman to appear on future banknotes

Nominations submitted to the Bank of Canada will be reviewed by an independent advisory council made up of academics and other experts that will draw up a shortlist to be submitted to the finance minister. The new note will be issued in 2018.

U.S. and Canada Strike a Deal to Save NAFTA

Canada had agreed to provide U.S. dairy farmers access to about 3.5 percent of its approximately $16 billion annual domestic dairy market, the sources said, adding that the Canadian government is prepared to offer compensation to dairy farmers hurt by the deal.