Canada to feature woman on bank note: seven top candidates

7. Emily Carr Dubbed a “Canadian icon” by the Canadian Encyclopedia, Carr was an artist and writer whose work is now shown around the world. She was “one of the pre-eminent, and perhaps most original, Canadian painters of the first half of the twentieth century”, according to the Canadian Encyclopedia, as well as “one of […]

‘Not just in the US’: amateur historian highlights Canada’s forgotten racism

“The fact that this happened in 1914, in Calgary, Alberta, blew my mind. It broke the whole narrative that these kind of things only happen in the United States,” said Bashir Mohamed, a civil servant who has been scouring the provincial archives in Edmonton for the last two years, and wrote about Daniels’s case in […]

Canada’s Trudeau says cannabis will become legal in mid-October

Initially the federal government had hoped to launch retail sales by July this year. Trudeau said: “One of the things that we heard very clearly from the provinces is that they need a certain amount of time to get their bricks-and-mortar stores and their online sales ready.

Many Canadians shocked by U.S. riots, Canada has racism problem too, PM Trudeau says

“Anti-black racism – racism – is real. It’s in the United States but it’s also in Canada and we know people are facing systemic discrimination, unconscious bias and anti-black racism every single day,” he told reporters. “We have work to do as well in Canada.”

Large cruises banned in Canada at least until Oct. 31

Smaller ships will be allowed to operate after July 1, but only with the permission of provincial and regional health officials. However, vessels with more than 12 passengers will be barred from going to the Arctic until at least Oct. 31, for fear that one might carry the virus to a remote northern community.

Extend work-from-home facility for young mothers: IT forum to Centre

As COVID-19 has turned out to be a force majeure event, he said, there is a fine line to be walked by IT firms between ensuring that employees are not subjected to more than absolutely necessary hardship, while at the same time keeping their businesses afloat.

For test and trace to work, the public needs to trust this government. But how can we?

From Monday, millions more return to work, often thrown into close contact with others, with no guarantee they will be safe. In shops, takeaways, warehouses or offices, there is often no way to protect people: danger could be anywhere. Johnson airily asserts he will “insist that business across the country look after their workers and […]

Work from home: Changes in laws and rules that IT industry wants from the government

New Delhi | Bengaluru | Pune: India’s information technology sector is seeking revisions in the country’s taxation and labour laws as over half the workforce in the $191 billion industry could begin to deliver services remotely as part of the changes being wrought by the ongoing pandemic. At a meeting with government officials earlier this […]

TfL begs company bosses to tell staff to continue working from home to ‘control coronavirus’ as more office workers trickle back into London on commuter trains every day

Infected Tube passenger showers coronavirus droplets over another person simply by talking to them as shocking simulation shows how easy it is to spread the virus  A person infected with coronavirus can pass it on just by talking to someone in a closed environment such as a tube train or small office, simulations reveal.

Mexican workers who are ‘essential’ in California are sleeping in their cars and on sidewalks so that they can cross the U.S. border fast enough to make it to work on time

Cross-border workers sleep in their vehicles as they wait in line for the Otay Mesa Port of Entry to open to allow essential workers to cross from Tijuana to California. Port of entries at the northern and southern United States border have cut their service times due to the coronavirus crisis as the Trump administration sought […]