EXCLUSIVE: Architect of Australia’s trade deal with China says countries’ relationship has ‘never been better’ despite Beijing using export bans to hold a gun to Scott Morrison’s head over coronavirus

Mr Robb denied a claim in academic Clive Hamilton’s book Silent Invasion that as trade minister, he downplayed objections raised by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to get the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement signed in June 2015 so it would come into effect by Christmas.

Huawei’s Catherine Chen: Shared Responsibility for a Shared Future

READ ALSO: Huawei overtakes Samsung as top smartphone seller worldwide& In China, the New Infrastructure plan has set aside over 140 billion dollars to be invested in 5G alone over the next five years. This is expected to grow China’s digital economy by more than 2 trillion dollars and boost domestic economic recovery. The EU […]

GOP leaders seek to appeal Lamont’s future executive orders

Opposed to the idea of automatically extending Democratic Gov. Ned Lamont’s pandemic emergency powers for another five months, the top Republican legislative leaders on Tuesday urged him to at least grant a special committee of lawmakers the ability to appeal or reject any executive order within 72 hours after it has been issued.

Bourbon Unconstrained: The Possibilities for the Future

The enterprising whiskey maker will continue to look to the past to inform the inventions of the future. Right now, he has about 48 experiments aging, some of which will be coming out over the coming year and, no doubt, push traditional bourbon boundaries. In the meantime, the 21st edition of Jefferson’s Ocean is currently […]

Preparing for the future of work

There are of course situations where employees cannot work from home, like frontline workers, who will need extra safety precautions. In retail, for example, workers will need more distance and less physical interaction with customers and each other. They will need better technology on the retail floor to find products and check people out. Delivery […]

‘Having a child doesn’t fit into these women’s schedule’: is this the future of surrogacy?

Batzofin is in her 60s; she has spent her entire working life in the fertility field, and several generations of babies have been conceived under her watch. “The field has changed dramatically, but the one thing that has not changed is the desire to procreate, in one way or another, the desire to have some […]

The best running gadgets: top fitness tech to help you run better

The advantage of using watts is that your power output is just one number. Stryd says power is the surefire way to hit a new PB as it can help you run more efficiently and pace yourself consistently as even on hilly courses, where it may be hard to know what pace to run at. […]

Digital Blitzkrieg: US Media Praises Wehrmacht’s Tactics, Says Experience Applicable to Future Wars

WWII Myths Contrary to popular legends spread by retired German generals and Western historians during the Cold War, the Wehrmacht’s blitzkrieg strategy against the USSR in the opening stages of the war on the Eastern Front was not about the elimination of vast hordes of Red Army units by numerically inferior Wehrmacht and German allied […]

Create some content with the Yi 4K action camera and 3-axis gimbal on sale for $109

Fight! Rick and Daryl face off in The Walking Dead Onslaught later this month The Walking Dead universe is one constantly fraught with strife, and the upcoming Onslaught VR game is no different. Play as Rick and Daryl as they face off for the future of the Alexandria safe zone.

The Once and Future Notre-Dame de Paris

That description of spiritual fervor, aesthetic exaltation, infantile fear, or some combination of all three resonates today, not because the building you may have seen on a recent visit to Paris was identical to the one he knew but because it has continued to change. To ancien régime Catholics, it was the seat of Rome’s […]