Old dogs can’t be bothered to learn new tricks: Our motivation to engage declines with age as brain circuit that weighs up pros and cons slows down

• ‘Many years ago when my husband and I first married, we nearly bought our dream house. It wasn’t ideal but we loved it. We decided not to buy it as we felt pressure from our parents. I regret not stepping up, being an adult and going with my gut feeling. I regret letting our parents […]

‘Six well-constructed bad balls could be the way forward in T20 cricket’

Make no mistake, we are standing at a juncture where we have to evolve with the game. I have already decided how best a bowler can offer [his services] to the team. We are going to be tested not [just] as a bowling community but as a sport. We have to find a balance. I […]

Most customers expect companies to accelerate digital initiatives due to COVID-19

  The customer experience matters as much as the product. Four-fifths of customers place the same emphasis on flawless engagement as they do on product quality. For business buyers, the percentage is 85%. Extraordinary experiences help companies earn more than sales — they build relationships. Fifty-three percent of customers say they feel an emotional connection […]

PES 2021 review – Pro Evo ends the current generation in mid-table

PES 2021 is a funny old game. Not a proper, brand new PES, but a season update, essentially the same game as last year’s effort but with up to date lineups and a cheaper launch price of £25. Developer Konami had signalled as much, wisely managing fans’ expectations in the same breath it promised to […]


Deputy Minister of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs Le Tan Dung, who is also vice chairman of the national committee for PWDs, said Plan 1019, a major programme showing the Party and State’s attention to the disabled, has helped raise sectors and authorities’ awareness of and sense of responsibility towards PWDs, improve the group’s material […]