Urging game designers to create nuanced characters

With the Master Chief character, the main protagonist in the “Halo” first-person shooter series, boys have a cool, stoic hero to admire, yet he is still “self aware and emotionally nuanced,” she said. “What’s more empowering than fighting and conquering your fears?”

20 recipe ideas for leftover carrots

Tips: I often cook the carrots in either chicken or vegetable stock. The reserved cooking liquid is then added to soups and stews for an extra injection of sweet carrot flavour. Thread the kofte onto skewers. (If using bamboo skewers, these should be soaked in cold water or about an hour beforehand to prevent burning […]

‘Breaking Bad’ Saul Goodman Spinoff A Go At AMC, Will Serve As Prequel To Original

Gilligan has been high on the idea for over a year. “I would love to see a Saul Goodman spinoff,” he said in a July 2012 interview. “I like the idea of a lawyer show in which the main lawyer will do anything it takes to stay out of a court of law. He’ll settle […]

Amid pandemic isolation, audio erotica is having a moment

A: The majority of our listeners identify as women ages 25-35, but 18-24 is our fastest-growing age demographic. Listeners are both single (41%) and in a relationship (54%), and 33% identify as queer while 67% identify as straight. Dipsea was designed with women in mind but welcomes listeners of all gender identities. Research shows that […]

Premier League 2020-21 preview No 13: Manchester United

All this points to the following formula for United to prosper: the dynamic front end has to be even better than last term to keep the ball away from the shaky back end. This is unless Solskjær can convince Ed Woodward to about-turn and spend on a Koulibaly or similar. Otherwise, boiled down, the Norwegian’s […]

‘We Are Therapists. After 6 Months of Lockdown, We’re Almost at Breaking Point’

We both have patients in two of the highest risk groups during the pandemic; frontline healthcare workers and college students. Therapists and psychiatrists like us are facing the very same stressors and traumas as their patients, but we were both trained to keep our eye on the patient and leave our own problems at the […]

Latinos make up 75% of coronavirus cases in largely white Marin County. Will new equity efforts help?

A few dozen people, most of them Latino, stood in sweltering heat outside Marin Community Clinics recently to be tested. Some came with babies and children. Many of the medical workers spoke to residents in Spanish. Wearing protective gear, they held the hands of patients who felt anxious or scared. They danced and joked between […]

Real-Life Cops, and Me

New York was still the down-at-the-heels city of bankruptcy, blight, and seediness that ranged from the amiable to the menacing, so there were also, ambling up and down Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue, a fair number of heroin addicts, prostitutes, and pimps who actually dressed like they did on TV shows and movies set at that […]

Economic Watch: Global giants confident in China’s services market despite COVID-19 bites

China has pledged to stay committed to further opening up, with measures including the establishment of a sound negative list management system in cross-border service trade, and promoting open platforms for piloting innovative development of trade in services.

Mexico diverted money from development to contain migration

Tonatiuh Guillén, who resigned as head of Mexico’s immigration agency a week after the agreement with the U.S., said the diversion of the development funds was a “dramatic turnaround” from the fund’s mission and illustrates what happened last year: “a recomposition of the immigration vision completely oriented toward containment that leaves us without tools and […]