Harvey Weinstein pleads with prosecutors NOT to extradite him from New York to LA for upcoming sex crimes trial as he fears he may contract COVID-19 again because California’s jail system is rife with virus

After agreeing to meet with him on those grounds, Jane Doe says once inside the room, ‘Weinstein began to force himself physically on [her]. Weinstein again tried to force Plaintiff into sex acts against her will.

Saigon vigilante delivers blow to neighborhood crime

While on patrol, Phuoc once witnessed two helmet-less bikers receive a black package from a woman in an abandoned lot. When he intervened, one man threatened him with a knife, though he quickly wrestled the culprit to the ground as police arrived on the scene.

R Kelly’s ‘pals set fire to sex crime accuser’s car and threatened to release explicit pics’

A longtime friend of the indicted singer offered to pay a victim $500,000 to keep her from cooperating in Kelly’s prosecution, authorities said, while a manager and adviser of Kelly threatened to release sexually explicit photographs of a woman who sued Kelly.

Jackass star Steve-O duct tapes himself to a BILLBOARD in LA to promote new comedy special… and is forced down by firefighters after he gets reported on crime alert app Citizen

‘I’m happy to just hang out, and really want the world to know about this project I worked so hard on. It’s called Gnarly and, If you’re over 18, check it out at steveo.com! Thanks!’

The War on Iraq in 2003 Was and Will Always Be a Crime

The war on Iraq ripped the mask of democracy from both the US and its British ally to reveal hubris and mendacity. The moral sickness of regime change, added to a cultural attachment to the verities of white man’s burden, produced a messianic drive to reshape the world according to the image cooked up by a group of crazed neocons in Washington, along with a British prime minister obsessed […]

If Tony Blair Can’t Be Prosecuted for War Crimes Then No One Can

The key words here are “supposed right to act as the world’s policeman.” For it is in this precise context that the war of aggression unleashed on Iraq in 2003 by the then Bush administration and its ever-willing lackey, the Blair government in London, should be understood. It is also why we have a disjuncture between international law in doctrina (theory) and its application […]

‘Protecting Elites’: Blair Will Not Face War Crimes Prosecution, Public Outraged

“People will be cynical, there’s been a series of attempts to prosecute Blair which have been blocked. He bears massive responsibility for this, he was the main architect and motivator. He was isolated in the establishment in the time — while in the US the entire establishment was on board, in the UK Many had big concerns, but he drove it through, and lied to the […]

Suspect arrested in slaying of 15-year-old

The FBI described Madrigal as a member of the Mission District Norteños, a street gang he said has “a long history of violence, murder, drive-by shootings, stabbings, and beatings.” Authorities believe Madrigal killed the boy as part of “a meaningless territorial dispute with a rival gang.” Fair said.

One dead, two injured in Oakland shooting

Officers responded to reports of shots fired at 11:45 p.m. on the 1200 block of 87th Avenue. There they found the three men suffering from gunshot wounds.

Oakland shooting suspect charged with murder after arrest in Fresno

Officials allege Edwin McNeal shot and killed 50-year-old Charles Crutcher on May 24. McNeal was found and pronounced dead at the scene on the 10300 block of Foothill Boulevard in Oakland.