Energy-efficient housing is reducing ventilation and trapping air pollution INDOORS – putting the health of children with breathing conditions like asthma at risk

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the biggest contributors to global warming. After the gas is released into the atmosphere it stays there, making it difficult for heat to escape – and warming up the planet in the process. 

Give councils powers to tackle indoor air pollution, experts urge

“For air quality plans to be successful, they need to be underpinned by local flexibility and sufficient funding, while issues around resourcing and capacity also need to be addressed, as well as educating the public around the need to reduce pollution.”

One in 10 child asthma cases ‘linked to traffic pollution’

What are the effects of air pollution? Air pollution tests for UK children ‘Our children are gasping’ – Senegal’s toxic air battle Lead study author Ploy Achakulwisut said: “Our study indicates that policy initiatives to alleviate traffic-related air pollution can lead to improvements in children’s health and also reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Air quality in Mumbai improves to ‘satisfactory’ after days of ‘poor’ air

“A considerable rise in wind speed was witnessed over Mumbai from Tuesday morning onwards that helped disperse the pollutant boundary layer close to the surface. Marginally high day temperature is further assisting reduction in air pollution. This air quality will continue for at least four to five days until any other significant weather changes take […]

Making homes more energy efficient has made them more polluted inside

Professor Stephen Holgate, special adviser for the Royal College of Physicians, added: “If we ask our children to spend their childhood days in unhealthy spaces, then we’re storing up problems for future health.”

Bids invited again for Air India sale, govt aims to seal deal by March-end

New Delhi: The government invited bids for a 100% stake in Air India, aiming to finalise a sale of the loss making national carrier by the end of March, after having sweetened the deal by absorbing about two thirds of its debt. Control will be retained by a domestic entity as overseas investors can only […]

Denis Shapovalov would rather pull out of Australian Open than risk his health in polluted air

The issue of poor air quality has dogged the tournament’s qualifying competition, which came to an end on Saturday. Slovakia’s Dalila Jakupovic earned global headlines on Tuesday when she was forced to retire from her match with breathing difficulties.

Bright lights, big city: the problem with light pollution

The environment has been severely damaged in and around all large cities where street and other lights are illuminated indiscriminately all night long.  Many species of animals and insects are nocturnal, and artificial lighting has severely damaged their habitats. Also, birds are disorientated when office buildings are illuminated at night, causing birds to fly into […]

Light rain fails to clean up city air

Gurugram’s air quality, however, is expected to be in the ‘moderate’ category due to the influence of westerly winds. As per a CPCB forecast, air quality in Gurugram will remain in the ‘moderate’ category for the next three days.

UK weather forecast: Health warning in place ahead of ‘coldest nights’ of winter

UK 5 day weather forecast Monday 20 Jan - Friday 24 Jan Today: A cold and frosty start with some mist but brightening up with good sunshine developing. Feeling pleasant in the sunshine. Cloudier from northwest England northwards with some rain for the high ground and the Northern Isles. Windier here.