Country music doesn’t have a cocaine habit – it has a puppy problem

Jake Owen, whose choreography-filled performance of single Real Life at the CMT awards felt like a flashback to 1999 pop music, has also been venting to the media lately. “I get so tired of hearing these people ask, ‘So what do you think of bro-country?’ I don’t care,” he told Rolling Stone. Describing his live […]

U.S. soldier infected as South Korea coronavirus cases rise above 1,260

Defending the government’s policies at a parliamentary hearing, Health Minister Park Neung-hoo said not only would it be impossible to quarantine the roughly 2,000 Chinese who enter the country each day, it would have been useless as the spread of the virus was caused by South Korean citizens who had traveled to China.

South Korean THAAD Suspension Gets US Lawmakers Fired Up

“I hope any environmental concerns related to the full deployment of THAAD will be dispelled with a quick and thorough review,” he wrote. “We need to use every tool at our disposal — including additional sanctions — to address the Kim regime’s threats.”

Debate coach: In South Carolina, an underdog came out on top

Bloomberg started badly by arguing without evidence that Sanders was getting help from Russia to win the primary. You can’t make bold claims like that in a debate without backing them up right then and there. Eventually Bloomberg settled in and gained momentum, becoming a stronger debater as the event rolled into the second hour. […]

‘Go big or go home’ to heal north-south divide, No 10 told

There are currently about 4m UK jobs in high carbon-producing sectors, highly concentrated in the east Midlands, West Midlands and Yorkshire and the Humber, the commission found. If those workers are not retrained in carbon-free technologies, mass unemployment awaits: there are more than 40 local authorities where 25% of all employment comes from “climate-critical” sectors. […]

Wrestlers fight for peace in ravaged South Sudan

The civil war forced a third of the population to flee their homes; many have not returned. Last year’s unusually heavy rains brought widespread flooding, and the currency fell off a cliff during the war. More than 5 million people need food aid, according to the United Nations.

Despite criticism, more than 15.8 million people tuned into chaotic Democratic debate on CBS

The debate’s strong ratings performance — higher than virtually every drama and sitcom on American TV — is a testament to intense interest in the Democratic race to replace President Trump. Lots of people mocked the free-for-all nature of the debate, but lots of people still watched.

Ex-vice president Joe Biden wins key endorsement ahead of South Carolina primary

Sanders is seeking to expand his base, building on his emphatic win in Nevada, an ethnically and racially diverse state that is more representative of the country and the Democratic party than the white-majority Iowa and New Hampshire, the two states that held the first two nominating contests.

US, South Korea militaries face new enemy in viral outbreak

The United States Forces Korea on Monday said that a USFK widowed dependent tested positive for the virus. On Wednesday the U.S. reported that a 23-year-old soldierhad tested positiveand would be treated at Camp Humphreys near Seoul. It said the soldier was originally based at Camp Carroll near Daegu.

Vietnam tourism association proposes travel suspension to epidemic-hit countries

Vietnam has been tightening control on those coming from epidemic-stricken areas in South Korea and other countries. No person coming from any area that has experienced a Covid-19 outbreak will be allowed to enter Vietnam, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said in a directive Tuesday.