‘This could be bad’: Top CDC doctor warns it’s ‘not a question of if but WHEN’ coronavirus spreads in America, as she tells parents to prepare for school closures and ‘significant disruption in our lives’

So far, it has proven less fatal but perhaps more contagious than other viruses of the same family, infection risk to the general public is still low in the US, but officials’ tone has shifted to suggest that it won’t stay that way and the virus will spread. 

OC Fire, Police Remind Teens to Make Good Choices Prom Week

“I cry every time that I hear those sirens on this day, every time. And it’s been 14 years since that happened,” Sulick said. “And those kids when I see them, the ones that survived, they aren’t the same. You’re never the same when something like that happens. And the parents that have to live […]

All hail Forky: Critics rave about the trash-toy at the center of

“Forget Andy, forget Woody, and definitely forget that lame Buzz Lightyear (the writers of Toy Story 4 already have), Forky is the god’s honest truth. He’s everything these films have been working towards. After 25 years, several billion dollars, and the rise of a cartoon empire that has become synonymous with top-drawer family entertainment, the […]

John Bercow ‘bullied Commons chief so badly his health collapsed and was forced to take early retirement’

Downing Street has suggested it could block Mr Bercow’s nomination, with the Prime Minister’s official spokesman highlighting a “long-standing convention” that opposition leaders nominate individuals form their own parties.

How to answer the single most challenging interview question with confidence

“Unfortunately, my company was forced to lay off over 500 employees in an effort to streamline its operations. Although I was promoted to senior manager last quarter based on my performance, my role was among the group that was eliminated. However, I’m excited to leverage what I’ve learned about e-commerce and the account-management skills I’ve […]

Plan for contingencies to avoid money mishaps

– Discuss with your spouse regarding financial responsibilities that could come up – like that of dependent parents. Keep in mind that there could be a time when you would need to provide for both set of parents.  You would know your siblings’ disposition on this matter. Whatever the case, accumulate the amount that you […]

Serbian soccer player to continue playing with Kosovo U19s

PRISTINA, Kosovo (AP) — A Serbian soccer player whose parents were fired from their jobs after he agreed to play for the Kosovo under-19 team said Monday he was determined to continue his career.

Transcript: Africa expert Judd Devermont talks with Michael Morell on “Intelligence Matters”

So it’s primarily African targets. But I just testified in front of the House, and what I said is that it’s probably a low probability that they are going to attack the U.S. directly, but I think it has some significant impacts for us. First of all, it endangers our citizens that live in Africa […]

The Complicated, Controversial, Historic, Inspiring Women’s March

In the popular imagination, feminism has long been on the verge of collapse thanks to its internal conflicts: generational divides; rancor over the intersections of race, class, and other identities with gender; general discord and infighting and personal jealousies. Of course many of these reports of internal distress have been true. The women’s movement, since […]

Four years later, Stardew Valley is still the perfect gaming vacation

Farming is where it’s at I created my character, then set her to work hoeing some dirt, planting some seeds, and petting my dog, Risley, who begs much less than my real dog. At first I had issues with the land clearing objectives, but everything grows back. You can chop down a bunch of trees […]