The Dead Don’t Die Review: A Zombie Comedy Unlike Anything Else, for Better and Worse

Being billed as having one of the greatest casts ever assembled, The Dead Don’t Die brings in some heavy hitters for a horror-comedy like no other. Jim Jarmusch, known for his more arthouse fare, has clearly cashed in his clout to bring together a cast consisting of Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Steve Buscemi, Selena Gomez, […]

International Day of the Girl Child 2019: Importance of Educating The Girl Child In Indian Society

[1] Svanemyr, J., Chandra-Mouli, V., Christiansen, C. S., & Mbizvo, M. (2012). Preventing child marriages: first international day of the girl child “my life, my right, end child marriage”. Reproductive health, 9(1), 31. [2] Ponte, B. N. (2006, September). Girl-child Empowerment: A Challenge for all. In United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women (DAW) […]

Matt Hancock clarifies coronavirus travel advice after criticism

Greece and Brazil both reported their first cases, the latter being the first in Latin America. The 38-year-old Greek woman and 61-year-old Brazilian man were both reported to have returned recently from northern Italy. A 12th person – a 69-year-old man – has died in Italy, while the number of confirmed cases leapt by more […]

Charges against owner of deadly Cha Cha carnival ride Wittingslow Amusements dropped

At a hearing earlier this month, WorkSafe barrister Andrew Palmer QC said the prosecution’s case had relied on the design of the restraints being flawed, because they permitted a rider to slip out and “it was reasonably practicable to have reduced that risk by firstly having a secondary restraint system”.

Bill Murray and Adam Driver Starring in Zombie Movie ‘The Dead Don’t Die’

Jim Jarmusch isn’t a name often attributed to the horror world, yet the filmmaker’s latest project, The Dead Don’t Die, could change that notion. The zombie movie, which is currently being filmed, stars Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Selena Gomez, Tilda Swinton, Steve Buscemi, and Chloe Sevigny.

How deadly is coronavirus? It’s still too early to tell

Until the past week, most people diagnosed outside of China had become infected while travelling there. People who travel generally are healthier and thus may be better able to recover, noted Johns Hopkins University outbreak specialist Lauren Sauer. And countries began screening returning travellers, spotting infections far earlier in places where the medical system wasn’t […]

Princess Anne speaks of heartache after friend shot dead in ‘murder-suicide’ at Boris Johnson childhood home

“She was honorary secretary of the Working Clumber Spaniel Society and was much loved for the work she did, in the society and in Exmoor and beyond.”

Family of man shot dead by police in Brisbane CBD call for better support of mental health patients

Police defend officer’s actions amid investigationThe use of deadly force will be investigated by Queensland police’s internal ethical standards command but, in an unprecedented move, QPS Commissioner Katarina Carroll has publicly supported the officers involved.

Tesla Autopilot, distracted driving to blame in deadly 2018 crash

NTSB investigators also found that the Model X’s forward collision warning system didn’t alert Huang to the coming impact, nor did it slow the vehicle down at all; in fact, the Model X sped up before impact because the system thought it was free to resume the 75 mile per hour cruise control speed Huang […]

20 dead in riots in India, Modi calls for calm after clashes

At least one of those killed was a police officer, the BBC reported, adding to the criticisms facing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government over the demonstrations, which began after a law was passed making it easier for non-Muslims from neighboring countries to obtain Indian citizenship.