‘This could be bad’: Top CDC doctor warns it’s ‘not a question of if but WHEN’ coronavirus spreads in America, as she tells parents to prepare for school closures and ‘significant disruption in our lives’

Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar admitted that Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr had designated the meeting ‘top secret’ but claimed that ultimately nothing had come out in the briefing that hasn’t been shared with the public. 

OC Fire, Police Remind Teens to Make Good Choices Prom Week

“Cody said something that resonated with me for the rest of my life: and this is for the firemen here, the cops, the parents here, teachers, everybody listening,” Campbell said. “He said, ‘Dad, have you ever driven buzzed before.’ And I thought about it. And I could remember a couple of times in college. And […]

All hail Forky: Critics rave about the trash-toy at the center of

“But even the lowliest, dirtiest and most ignoble doll or toy would be insulted by what, at her school orientation day, little Bonnie publicly embraces as her new best friend and companion — a plastic fork (or, perhaps more precisely, a spork), one with lopsided eyes, a waxy mouth and pipe-cleaner arms. In other words, […]

John Bercow ‘bullied Commons chief so badly his health collapsed and was forced to take early retirement’

Downing Street has suggested it could block Mr Bercow’s nomination, with the Prime Minister’s official spokesman highlighting a “long-standing convention” that opposition leaders nominate individuals form their own parties.

Plan for contingencies to avoid money mishaps

Now came the more challenging part. The parents have their own home, but need to be supported financially, as the income from their investments is not enough to manage their expenses. Expenditures have shot up as they have a full-time caretaker, which not only means his salary but also his living expenses. Add to this […]

Serbian soccer player to continue playing with Kosovo U19s

PRISTINA, Kosovo (AP) — A Serbian soccer player whose parents were fired from their jobs after he agreed to play for the Kosovo under-19 team said Monday he was determined to continue his career.

Transcript: Africa expert Judd Devermont talks with Michael Morell on “Intelligence Matters”

And I like to use that story because it tells me don’t undersell and don’t oversell. Look at all the angles and present all the arguments. So the way that I think about Africa right now is in three ways: First, the future is African, demographically. The continent will double in size. It will go […]

How New Zealand restored pride by thrashing India in 1st Test

But Boult, in his second over, enticed an edge from Rahane when he was on 29 and wicketkeeper BJ Watling completed an easy catch. Vihari had not added to his overnight score of 15 when he was bowled by Southee in the next over.

The Complicated, Controversial, Historic, Inspiring Women’s March

If you’ve read much about the event, what you’ve likely gathered is that it has been beset by division and disorganization: from its impulsive beginnings on Election Night, when a horrified and furious Hawaii woman named Teresa Shook invited 40 of her horrified and furious friends to march on Washington the day after the inauguration […]

Four years later, Stardew Valley is still the perfect gaming vacation

The more I played, the more I realized my character’s habits aren’t so different from my own. She spends a good part of her morning feeding, watering, and petting all her animals. I can relate. She’s even had a few too many pub once…which is, let’s say, less than the number of times I’ve done […]