Lauryn Hill: ‘I’m not afraid to be the person I am’

“I don’t know if I’m a control freak,” she sighs, “or if I just find it really hard to delegate authority, but I really like to be involved, because the music means so much to me. Why give it away to somebody else who might not understand all the nuances of it? You might as […]

All eyes on Taunton: When Sir Jack Hobbs ‘got it at last’

The rest of that game at Taunton was much more than an appendix to a great moment. The papers had their story and some sated journalists returned to the smoke. Surrey, meanwhile, having established a lead of 192, bowled out Somerset for 374, this despite a century by MacBryan. Needing 183 to win, the visitors […]

Health experts on the psychological cost of Covid-19

Will we hold our political leaders to account when the coming economic crisis inevitably takes precedence over the psychological one and already limited resources are channeled away from a beleaguered NHS that nevertheless saved us from an even deeper, darker abyss? Or will we simply get on with it as before, finding ways to forget that, […]