Coronavirus Guilford Update: Elderly Tax Relief Program Ordered

The application date for the Tax Freeze Program is extended until August 15, 2020; All current participants in the Tax Freeze Program are grandfathered in for purposes of the issuance of tax bills due July 1, 2020; All grandfathered participants are still required to file applications with all associated documents by August 15, 2020; Failure […]

Pandemic exposes low pay and scant protections for nursing assistants and home-care aides

Rebecca Hanson, who runs training programs for SEIU members in California and other Western states, said the union was rushing to introduce online modules so certified nursing assistants could be trained to perform tasks that might usually be reserved for nurses — such as screening patients for symptoms — and on the proper use of […]

Bay Area caregivers face physical, financial peril assisting elderly clients

Wei said one client is severely weakened by late-stage cancer and needs help with showering and other essential activities. In the past that patient slipped and fell during a shower, Wei said, a dangerous incident normally but more so now that hospitals are brimming with COVID-19 patients and have little room to spare.

Tax Benefits Of Caring For An Aging Relative

“The Dependent Care Credit can be very valuable. It was actually on the potential chopping block as far as the recent tax reform, but it survived,” reports Betterment Head of Tax Eric Bronnenkant. “Let’s say you have two kids, and let’s say your employer offers a dependent-care account, you’re able to contribute up to $5,000 […]

47 Louisiana long-term care sites seen as virus ‘clusters’

“Because we have experienced some delays in receiving their confirmed reports, so we are reluctant to report numbers of cases that may not match their official reports,” Cynthia Maddox, spokeswoman for Notre Dame Health System, which operates three facilities with a total of about 420 resident as a ministry of the Archdiocese of New Orleans, […]

Walmart’s Mexico unit pulls elderly workers from checkouts on coronavirus concerns

Mexico, with 164 coronavirus cases and one death, has so far fared better than countries such as China and Italy grappling with thousands of deaths. However, critics question President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s resistance to travel bans or work shutdowns.

Why are we gambling with the lives of elderly people and their carers?

Meanwhile, their employers are demonstrating that we do not have a national care service to match the NHS. They are refusing to take patients who might have the virus. You see their point. It is impossible to maintain social distancing with confused older people. But this refusal illustrates a wider danger. There are 5,500 small […]

COVID-19: Next week crucial for elderly diabetes, hypertension patients

In the coming weeks, the condition of diabetes and hypertension patients who do not receive medicines would worsen. The Government has its limitations. Already some residents’ associations are supplying drugs to the elderly and providing other care. If palliative care organisations and other voluntary aid workers can implement effective programmes, it would complement the government’s […]

UK care home bosses threaten to quit over return of coronavirus patients

An elderly resident in a care home in Kyle’s constituency recently died of Covid-19 after waiting 10 days to be tested. He had been cared for by agency staff, all of whom also work in other care homes. Kyle is concerned that during those 10 days, the agency staff infected residents in other care homes.

‘Disaster’ feared if sick moved to California nursing homes

The California Association of Health Facilities, which represents most skilled nursing homes in the state, warned that many of the nursing homes lack sufficient gloves, masks and other protective supplies to limit the spread of coronavirus infections. Instead, the group is urging government officials to create separate facilities to care for COVID-19 patients who are […]