Louisville mayor declares racism a public health crisis

Fischer on Tuesday laid out a plan targeting seven areas for the city’s elected officials and residents, including public safety, support for children and families, Black employment, Black wealth, housing and neighborhood investment, health and voting.

Planned Parenthood’s Pennsylvania Chapter Rocked by Racism Claims

The problems are also not isolated to Pennsylvania. Planned Parenthood of Greater New York removed its CEO this summer after staffers wrote multiple open letters accusing her of racist behavior. More than two dozen employees at Planned Parenthood affiliates and abortion advocacy group NARAL later spoke to Buzzfeed News about what they said was a […]

Video of French Police Beating Black Man Watched 14 Million Times, as Macron Plans Footage Clampdown

Backlash over proposed new security lawDespite his demand for change after the video emerged, Macron is still facing a fierce backlash over his government’s new security bill which could criminalize the publishing of images of police officers with intent to cause them harm.

Oregon Man Claims He Killed a Black Teen in Self-Defense. An Autopsy Suggests Otherwise.

The fatal shooting has sparked outrage across the state, including from one advocacy group that insisted Ellison’s death was “another example of Southern Oregon’s racist history with and current practice of white supremacy.” On Thanksgiving, dozens gathered for a vigil outside the Stratford Inn to honor the teenager, and another is scheduled for Dec. 2.

‘I was trying to put on a brave face but I was struggling’: Alex Scott candidly discusses being trolled online as she fills in for Alex Jones on The One Show

However, while the gig has yet to be confirmed, the east London native has revealed to Hello! that she’s choosing to focus on the majority of positive comments she receives for her punditry on the BBC and Sky since she retired from playing sports. 


The Forest Carbon Partnership Facility pledged to purchase 10.3 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions from six northern central provinces of Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, Quang Tri, and Thua Thien Hue, at US$ 51.5 million in total, via the Emission Reductions Payment Agreement (ERPA) in the 2018-2024 period, which was recently […]

Four French police officers are charged with vicious beating of black music producer that was caught on camera and sparked days of rioting

The controversy over the law and police violence is developing into another crisis for the government as President Emmanuel Macron confronts the pandemic, its economic fallout and a host of problems on the international stage.

New York Young Republicans Flirt With the Racist Right

It’s not only the NYYR. The Proud Boys were in New York City for the infamous attack that several members are now standing trial for thanks to an invite from the Metropolitan Republican Club. New Jersey, where then-GOP Gov. Chris Christie appointed the first Muslim American ever to serve on a state court, just saw […]

Farmers fight back: Calls for Australia to stage a ‘formal protest’ against Beijing after another round of crippling trade tariffs in petulant payback over covid inquiry – as Penfolds faces massive profit plunge

The banning of Huawei from the nation’s 5G network in 2018 on the grounds of national security concerns infuriated the totalitarian state, but it was Mr Morrison’s call for an independent international inquiry in the origins of the coronavirus back in April which prompted a drastic response from Beijing.

California moves toward policing changes, but activists hoped for far more

Legislators introduced a flurry of measures this summer after Floyd, a Black man, was killed in May when a white Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes. Activists hoped the national outcry would propel change in California, which, despite its liberal reputation, has historically been deferential to law enforcement and passed […]