U.S. Coronavirus Cases Have Been Highest in the World For 6 Months

Where we are nowAfter increasing sharply from early June, the average daily case count in the U.S. declined through late August before flattening out through September. The average daily death count has been flattening out from late May, according to the data from Worldometer.

US officials targeted on American soil, across the world by purported sonic attacks

(“But) these reports seem to indicate a new and different practice,” observed Matthew Rojansky, Director of the Kennan Institute at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and adjunct lecturer at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University. “This is not a brand new technology, but the weaponization of […]

This is the skill you must cultivate to make good decisions in a crisis

But a blindness to reality is not just reserved for the current administration. Though not as deadly, the disastrous initial rollout of President Obama’s Heathcare.gov website was marked by delusional thinking. While critical risks of the project and the technical systems had been identified by third-party auditors such as McKinsey and an independent software verification […]

First cover art from new Marvel prose novel line

The Head of Mimir by Richard Lee Byers”The young Heimdall must undertake a mighty quest to save Odin – and all of Asgard – in the first heroic fantasy novel set in Marvel’s incredible Legends of Asgard. It is a dark time for Asgard. The Allfather is trapped in a bewitched Odinsleep, inspiring an all-out […]

‘Martin Eden’ Is Vividly Rendered Take On Jack London’s Novel

Back in the grungy slums with his sister and her family, Martin becomes a sincere autodidact, reading voraciously with the intention of qualifying as a writer himself within two years. If the setting were today and you looked like Martin, everyone would tell him to shove the writing and become a male model or actor. […]

How Mira Nair turned Vikram Seth’s novel into a suitable show

“We decided it wouldn’t be a period piece alone, but a mirror to Indian society today. A beautiful mirror to what we have left behind, the world we should never forget,” Nair says. “I was determined to create a balance between the politics and the personal love story. These two strands were also the reason […]

Hellblazer takes a Harry Potter turn in previews of 2021 DC middle grade graphic novels

“Ollie awakens to find his dad seriously injured and the other passengers nowhere in sight. If they hope to survive, he’s going to have to learn skills he’s been avoiding developing so far. He has never felt less sure of who he is… or if he will be able to hang on until help arrives.”

Don DeLillo’s White Noise: a novel way of dismantling consumerist excess

Don DeLillo is a writer in love with words. He’s often spoken about the almost physical pleasure he takes in putting black on white, in banging out syllables on his noisy old typewriter, of watching sentences take shape in front of him. He delights in the ebb and flow of language, in riding a lulling […]

Steven Spielberg to direct adaptation of virtual reality novel Ready Player One

Spielberg, who helped define the science fiction genre for the blockbuster era with 70s and 80s films such as Close Encounters and ET, is expected to shoot Ready Player One after his forthcoming adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The BFG. The movie will be his first entry into futuristic territory since 2005’s War of the Worlds […]

Netflix’s ‘new world order’: a streaming giant on the brink of global domination

At the heart of the tension is Netflix’s growth this year. According to the new figures, the company added 7.4 million new subscribers between January and March. In the next few weeks, more than half of its viewers will be outside the US. (Only China, Crimea, North Korea and Syria lie beyond its reach.) Revenue […]