Sandy Hook Parent Lenny Pozner Is Fighting an ‘Emboldened’ Conspiracy Culture

Since my story on Pozner came out, I’ve heard this story dozens of times from people who have had an otherwise well-educated and thoughtful friend or family member who has shocked them by admitting that they weren’t sure Sandy Hook happened. “I’ve been saying it from the beginning,” Pozner said. “The hoax thing is like […]

Matt Zoller Seitz’s Favorite Drama Episodes of 2012

10. Downton Abbey, “Part Five” (Written by Julian Fellowes, directed by Bryan Kelley.) This is one of season two’s most eventful episodes, and arguably the one that best fuses credible emotion and flagrant melodrama. Matthew (Dan Stevens) and William (Thomas Howes) are wounded in battle; the former suffers a spinal injury and is told he may […]

PlayStation and Moonpig’s UK sales soar amid virus crisis

While media attention has focused on panic buying in supermarkets, the biggest percentage increase in sales during March was at local convenience stores. Revolut said Nisa, McColls and Costcutter “each saw an increase in the number of transactions larger than any of the UK’s major supermarkets”.

New Japan Philharmonic orchestra strikes a chord in coronavirus gloom, watch video

The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra tried the same trick with Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra played Aaron Copland’s “Appalachian Spring.”

Digital gallery tours and Hockney’s daffodils – the week in art

Image of the week Do Remember They Can’t Cancel the Spring, 2020, by David HockneyThe 82-year-old British artist’s new iPad works are full of the joys of spring. Currently living under lockdown in Normandy, France, Hockney decided to release a collection of his latest paintings to cheer everybody up in trying times. He told the […]

Pepys show

The 27-year story that precedes it – of Pepys’s family, childhood, education, professional advancement and marriage, in the context of the civil war – and the 34 years that follow it, when the death of his wife and public disgrace were followed by rehabilitation, distinguished years of naval administration, an active retirement after 1688, and […]

Zoë and the Trolls

Quinn has never directly addressed whether there was any validity to Gjoni’s claims that she’d cheated on him — texts between them show it was a complicated, intense relationship — and I never felt I needed to interrogate that. I think she got it about right in a Tumblr post from August 2014 when she […]

‘Get Out’ a comic nightmare vision of race relations

This kind of double feeling is present throughout the movie. Peele creates a reality within “Get Out” that allows him great flexibility. There are scenes that are absurd and others that are touching. There are moments that are scary and others that are funny-scary, some that are exciting and others that are so extreme that […]

This Country, finale review: a tearful farewell to a comedy gem

So farewell to This Country (BBC Three), which bowed out after three perfect series. This is a show you either get or you don’t; for every person who loves it, there is another baffled by its popularity. Its funniest running gag is Kerry’s mum, who exists only as a disembodied voice screeching down the stairs about falafels.

Coronavirus: EU internal borders could stay shut

Coronavirus: The consequences for tourism Travel warnings and border controls The Czech Republic (picture) and Poland are carrying out checks at the border with Germany to protect against the spread of the coronavirus. Since Monday (March 9), travelers have faced random temperature checks. The German government has warned against travelling to risk areas. And air […]