Learning To Flex Your Leadership Muscles

I’m an engineer at heart–it’s just how I’m wired–and even with three years under my belt as CEO, it’s still a challenge to approach each day with this “leader” mindset. I learn something new every day and continue to flex that leadership muscle, upping the reps day in and day out. Above all, I’ve learned […]

10 next-generation leaders on leadership

Jeff Huber: We just had the highest-[grossing] two weeks in company history, the first two weeks of March, and then 25% of our clients hit the pause button because they didn’t want [Home Instead’s healthcare providers] coming into their homes anymore. On the other side, we had a number of people wanting to come out […]

Here are the new rules of leadership

We want our leaders to show up in a way that motivates people for the future. If you’re nervous and kind of stressed out—maybe it’s okay to share a little bit, but it’s your goal not to just get things off your chest. It’s “How are you going to make people show up better?” And […]

Trump Was Criticized for His COVID Leadership, but Now Europe Is Faring Much Worse

Europe’s performance “does not exonerate Trump at all,” said Dr. Charles Holmes, director of the Center for Innovation in Global Health at Georgetown University School of Medicine. “He has failed to lead a national COVID response and politicized common sense public health measures, and as a consequence. While many Europeans were able to live with […]

Diversifying a patriarchal leadership

From Trump’s worldview, getting sick seems to be a sign of weakness rather than a cause for compassionate concern. The attempt by the White House to conceal the fact that several people in Vice President Mike PenceMichael (Mike) Richard PenceHarris more often the target of online misinformation than Pence: report Diversifying a patriarchal leadership Who […]

Gary Lineker agrees £400,000 BBC pay cut and to tweet more carefully

The BBC has also admitted it is now seen as second best for streaming content among some parts of the public: “Netflix is often seen to be the market leader by younger audience members … iPlayer is generally valued, but it is usually used to find something they already know about rather than as a […]

TCS CFO says mental health important, one must separate work and personal time in pandemic

His second learning was to appreciate employees and the entire ecosystem, or simply instil confidence in their work during these stressful times. “You have to connect with your teams. A lot of people may be working with certain constraints both personal and otherwise. One has to be very appreciative of their work,” he highlighted. TCS […]

Why ‘All We Can Save’ Will Make You Feel Hopeful About the Climate Crisis

What do you say to doubters or naysayers, people who believe climate change is a problem but maybe feel like the solutions or the level of changes that are being proposed are unrealistic? Do you get faced with that a lot? And how do you answer that kind of skepticism over solutions?I choose to not […]

Inside Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs — Part 2, the human toll

Yet for thousands of other victims, a sense of helplessness outweighs their thirst for justice. This is evident in a trip to the cemetery with Navarno. Her feet grow slippery as she wades through muddy puddles, candy wrappers, wilting flower petals, and animal feces to visit the tombstones of her husband and son. Roosters wander […]

He’s About To Be The First Openly Gay Black Member Of Congress — And He’s Talking About Mental Health Like Few Politicians Ever Have

“If the Democrats control all the levers of power, the executive and the legislative branches, then we are going to have a once-in-a-century opportunity to fundamentally reinvest in America on the scale of the 21st century New Deal, a Marshall Plan, and a massive reinvestment would enable us to achieve multiple goals at once: recover […]