Farage: When Will the Conservatives Stand Up to the Cancel Culture Mob?

“Through most of the last decade and more, what the mob tried to do is to prevent me from going out campaigning, to prevent me from speaking at public events… we have this new phenomenon of people that do not respect the fact that in a free society, other people are able to have different […]

‘Just because you’re offended it doesn’t mean you’re right’: Ricky Gervais brands ‘cancel culture’ a ‘weird sort of fascism’ as he defends free speech

The document, published in Harper’s, calls for: ‘The free exchange of information and ideas, the lifeblood of a liberal society, is daily becoming more constricted and demands that they want to uphold the value of robust and even caustic counter speech from all quarters.’ 

Ba Chua Xu Festival applies for UNESCO intangible cultural heritage status

Two big candles in front of the Holly Mother’s statue are lit and this is followed by the rites of offering incense, wine and tea for her while praying. After that, women chosen prior to the event will perform a bathing ritual for the statue with fragrant water infused with jasmine and cinnamon behind a curtain. This activity lasts for […]

Lantern Festival in Chợ Lớn receives certificate of national intangible cultural heritage

Tết Nguyên Tiêu (Lantern Festival) is celebrated by the Hoa ethnic group in Chợ Lớn (Big Market) in HCM City’s District 5 on the 15th day of the first lunar month. lt will receive a certificate recognising it as a national intangible cultural heritage on July 5. — VNA/VNS Photo by Mạnh Linh 

BioShock Infinite – review

The last two BioShocks took place in the gloom of leaky undersea dystopia, Rapture. This one’s set in Columbia, a shining steampunk city in the clouds, where evil messianic Father Comstock has imprisoned Elizabeth, a girl with strange powers. Naturally, you’re there to perform the jail break. As well as all the sunshine and open […]

UK to Ban Purchase of Huawei 5G Components From End of Year, Culture Minister Says

According to Reuters, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson chaired the National Security Council meeting on Tuesday which came up with the decision to ban the purchase 5G components from the end of 2020 and to remove all existing Huawei gear from the 5G network by 2027.

KONNECT ASEAN culture-art initiative debuts

KONNECT ASEAN- a culture and art initiative Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the three-year regional initiative will kick-start by implementing several virtual workshops and discussions. Two of the initial activities in 2020 are the ASEAN KO-mmuniti Online Dialogue and Convention, which are scheduled for the end of July and mid-August, respectively.

South Korean bosses can now be jailed for firing bullied employees as country cracks down on toxic work culture

Shin said that prior to the new law, there were no legal restrictions on workplace harassment. Labor laws simply mandated that employers had to provide a safe working environment. In reality, that had little effect as many workplaces continued to run in a rigid, top-down style favored by many of the nation’s family-run companies.

Culture of abuse and violence at the heart of some of South Korea’s biggest companies

The perception of Cho within the company, Park said, was that confronting him with any bad news or disagreement would be met with an immediate and arbitrary punishment. “(Cho) would say on the spot, ‘demote them immediately,’ ‘make this manager a regular,’ ‘kick this person out of the department,’” Park said.

Trevor Noah: America ‘dealing with a deadly strain of stupidity’

“So now you’re a liberal snowflake if you don’t want to die, and all across the country people are reacting to oppose mask requirements,” Colbert explained, citing a report on fake mask exemption cards that co-opt the “I am not required to disclose my condition” language from the American Disabilities Act. “But in case you’re […]