It’s National Drink Wine with Your Cat Week! Here Are 4 Cat-Safe Wines to Give Your Feline

This Apollo Peak cat wine, available on Amazon, is crafted with organic beets and natural herbs, a mixture that is guaranteed to make your cat curious.

‘Tiger King’: Will Carole Baskin Appear in Rumored Upcoming ‘Reunion’ Episode?

Responding to her remarks, Chaiklin said that she and Goode “were completely forthright with the characters.” She added that the project spanned five years and, just as with any project of that length, “things evolve and change, and we followed it as any good storyteller does. We could have never known when we started this […]

Tiger King Holds Record for Most Time at Number 1 on Netflix Top 10

The Netflix Top 10 list hasn’t been around long, having just been introduced to the service in February, but no other title during that time has come close to achieving the same popularity as Tiger King. At the time of writing this article, on April 7th, Tiger King has been at the top spot on […]

The best free educational apps for kids

These two apps from Duck Duck Moose have similar functionality but different themes. Draw and Tell is more general, while Superhero Comic Book Maker has monsters and caped crusaders. Both let kids scribble away with digital markers and crayons, but also use stickers and color in drawings. They can save any creations they’re particularly proud […]

Data scientists: White House issues a call to arms

“There is at least one company,, attempting to link data science researchers with data with technology,” says McDonald. “I have offered my company’s full services to that effort. But all Deep Learning starts with data and data is what we need. I am aware of one COVID-19 data set that has been published for others […]

Rob Sheffield on the Beatles’ Solo Wilderness Years

As the tour rolls on, his vocals get wheezier – by the Toronto gig on December 6, he can barely pronounce “places” or “remember” in the first line. He toys with the words – now it’s “people and things I can’t recall,” then it’s “people and things that came and went.” He gets cheers when […]

Matthew Barney’s Cremaster Cycle: nine hours of ‘challenging’ art on film

Alex: The pigeons are definitely one of the Cycle’s strangest and most beguiling moments. Andress as the queen and her two female courtiers look down through another anus-like aperture. They can see the Gellert baths, where Barney, in his role as her diva, is advancing slowly through pools filled with pearl-like bubbles which, turn out […]

‘Tiger King’ Star Joe Exotic’s Husband Dillon Passage Teases Reunion Episode

Debuting on Netflix on March 20, Tiger King documented the murder for hire plot that shook the big cat and exotic animal keeping world. The series largely focused on Joe Exotic, the former owner of an Oklahoma roadside zoo, who was sentenced to 22 years in prison after his plot to have his rival Carole […]

Blue State Blues: Rabbi Akiva’s Lessons for Passover in the Pandemic

I have written elsewhere that the divisions in American society made us peculiarly vulnerable to the coronavirus outbreak. We no longer trust our news, and we no longer even trust each other, and no sooner does a crisis like this arise than leaders of one faction or another attempt to exploit it for political gain.

‘Tiger King’ on Netflix: Who Could Appear in Rumored Bonus Episode?

One person who Netflix may choose to bring back is Saff Saffery, after the streamer has received criticism for misgendering him and using a name the former zoo worker no longer uses. This was something first revealed by Robert Moor, who had formerly made a podcast series about Exotic, on Twitter, and was then clarified […]