It’s National Drink Wine with Your Cat Week! Here Are 4 Cat-Safe Wines to Give Your Feline

This Apollo Peak cat wine, available on Amazon, is crafted with organic beets and natural herbs, a mixture that is guaranteed to make your cat curious.

Coronavirus can be transmitted between CATS, study finds, after pet was found to be infected in Belgium

The findings did not prove that the disease can be spread from cats to humans, virologists and infectious disease experts told The Guardian but they did warn that people with cats should be extra cautious, and remember the importance of washing their hands.

SHOCKING! Sukumar’s Kumari 21 F Is A Rip Off Of French Film Lila Says

Looks like a blight of all this has effected director Sukumar now, as his much publicized writing Kumari 21 F, is proved to be a mere rip off of a french film called Lila Says. The film is having the same story line including the characterizations of the cast and anybody, who know to google […]

French doctors’ proposal to test Covid-19 cure in Africa slammed as ‘colonial mentality’

It later amended the statement, saying that “Camille Locht understands the emotions caused since yesterday, linked to his lack of reaction to the proposals made by his interlocutor, on LCI television during a live show. The conditions that this interview were carried out in did not allow him to react correctly, he apologizes and noted […]

This cat seems to be broken. Can anybody fix him?

I think my cat is broken. Can someone teach him… from r/awwHere is how Redditors reacted to the cat’s struggles. One person wrote, “Just needs an alignment”. While another said, “He’s just following rules — don’t touch your face while covid19 scours the earth”.

The best quarantine foods revealed: French fries, pad Thai, and crab rangoon are the most popular takeout orders in America amid pandemic

As one of the few industries still thriving amid the global crisis, Uber Eats is trialing a new in-app feature that allows users to directly donate to their favorite restaurants. 

Coronavirus pandemic | CATastrophe averted: Kerala HC allows cat owner to venture out during lockdown to get pet feed

The Bench, comprising Justices AK Jayasankaran Nambiar and Shaji P Chaly, also observed, “The enforcement of a lockdown period, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, has brought with it a fair share of litigation before this court, reminding us, once again, that there can never be a lockdown of the judicial institution, and that […]

This doggo is sharing a bed with a cat in the most considerate manner. See

This doggo maybe the best boy you’ll see today and the almost 15-second-long video shared on Reddit on April 7 shows why. Posted on the subreddit ‘aww’, it is aptly titled “Gentle beast”. At the beginning of the clip, one sees a cat calmly sleeping in the middle of a pet bed. A husky, who […]

Love Island’s Georgia Harrison wears plastic gloves and a face mask as she steps out of self-isolation to take her French Bulldog for a walk in the park

Who should you ask for help if coronavirus symptoms strike?… Paul O’Grady, 64, reveals he’s stepping down from his BBC… ‘Broadcasting live from my living room!’ Kelly Brook reveals… Amy Childs flaunts her incredible figure in racy black… Dua Lipa breaks down in tears as she announces she’s…

Vet Expert Urges Pet Owners to ‘Not Overreact’ Over Confirmed Coronavirus Cases in Cats and Dogs

“We have the cases from Hong Kong and Belgium, four cases (two cats, two dogs) — not including the Bronx Zoo tiger — that we can confirm and all of those animals were being cared for, including the tiger in New York, by people that actively had COVID-19,” Dr. Kratt told PEOPLE of the AVMA’s […]