Norwalk Public Library Can Answer Your Questions

From the Norwalk Public Library: During this difficult time of social distancing, when the Norwalk Public Library’s buildings are closed, we want to remind the Norwalk community that we are here for you! Whether you’re looking for entertainment to stave off boredom and isolation, educational programs to learn something new, or critical information to help […]

Saudi capital, cities get 24-hour curfew, Kuwait isolates two districts over coronavirus

The government on Thursday imposed a 24-hour curfew in the Muslim holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Saudi’s eastern oil-producing province of Qatif, where the kingdom’s first coronavirus cases were reported among Shi’ite Muslim pilgrims returning from Iran, has been on lockdown for four weeks.

Niles-Maine District Library Hosts Virtual Pizza Party

Step Two: Start with your yeast. Active yeast needs time to proof, while instant yeast can go right in the mix. To proof active yeast, add 1 cup warm water, the yeast, and sugar to the large bowl. Follow the directions on your yeast package for the best results. It’s important for the water to […]

Ex-‘General Hospital’ Star Booted Off Airplane — Arrested for Public Intoxication

Former “General Hospital” star Senait Ashenafi is the passenger from hell — TMZ has learned, she was arrested at a Dallas airport for public intoxication last weekend … after allegedly raising a drunken ruckus on board an airplane.

Looming crisis threatening the US: Black and Latino workers to be hit hardest by coronavirus as their hours are cut, while others must risk the virus with no insurance or stay at home with no pay

Ed Grose, executive director of the Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association, said that hotels that used to have occupancy rates of around 80 percent are down to 30 percent, or even as low as 10 percent for those that relied on occupancy from hosting large gatherings.

UK’s coronavirus daily deaths drop almost a THIRD: Signs of hope as just 434 fatalities are recorded in a day – the lowest 24-hour toll in almost a week

Humiliated Nicola Sturgeon has admitted the effort to combat coronavirus has been damaged after she was forced to accept the resignation of Scotland’s chief medical officer for flouting her own lockdown rules;  Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty is out of self-isolation and has been working after recovering from coronavirus;    Worrying figures showed the UK’s coronavirus […]

A very public affair

Barely a month after his election, Sarkozy made public excuses for his wife when she left the G8 summit after 24 hours. Then came a shock to the French political world: Cécilia was sent by her husband as an envoy to Colonel Gadafy, to secure the release of the five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian […]

Rare glimpse inside Oakland’s Mormon temple kicks off 3 weeks of public tours

But only church members will see the addition of several paintings inside that depict the Northern California landscape, including redwood trees and the coastal foothills. Or a feature insisted on by bureaucrats — new baptistry railings that surround the sunken corral for the sculptural oxen that hold the baptismal bowl.

Coronavirus is draining America’s public infrastructure. A federal jobs policy would protect its workers

Medical supplies are not the only things America needs to survive this pandemic. According to CNN, while some food banks are shutting down, others are reporting that demand has quadrupled. Food pantries are unable to keep up with demand, as laid-off workers seek food assistance and volunteers are stuck at home. Right now, the National […]

Shaun White — ARRESTED For Public Intoxication, Trashing Hotel Room

Sources tell TMZ … White was in a Nashville hotel when he allegedly trashed his room in a stupor. When he was confronted by hotel staff, Shaun allegedly pulled several fire alarms and then ran fast … so fast he fell and split his head open.