This Week in Comedy Podcasts: Remember to

Stuck inside like the majority of us, husband and wife Paul F. Tompkins and Janie Haddad Tompkins have decided to fill their time with a new podcast. Stay F. Homekins provides “dispatches from the Haddad/Tompkins household during our Great National Self-Isolation,” offering a charming look into the couple’s “pandemical partnership.” It’s perfect parts relatable and […]

‘Schitt’s Creek’ Finale Draws 1.3 Million Viewers Across Pop, Comedy Central & Logo

The sixth and final season ender was up 103% over the season 5 finale, and the most social show across TV for the day, according to Viacom. Additionally, the documentary special Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: A Schitt’s Creek Farewell, which aired solely on Pop TV, was was the highest rated telecast in the network’s history.

Corona comedy: Facebook cabaret, gamer gags and a WhatsApp panel show

Kurd has been prolific at sharing homemade funnies but says standups in the UK haven’t tended to focus on making material specially for online. “We’re similar to New York comics in the sense that we can make a living off gigs. But if you look at comics from LA, they have to work on web […]

‘He said darling, I have to go’: Eddie Large’s devastated widow Patsy McGinnis reveals comedy legend’s final words before he lost his battle with coronavirus aged 78

Patsy, who married the comedian in 1983, added: ‘It’s been terrible. I knew our time was limited, I knew he was very ill. We had two weeks before when he was ill, before they kicked us out. We stayed every single day with him and then lockdown came and we couldn’t go in, it was […]

Do We Need Romantic Comedies More than Ever? This Woman Argues That We Do

Finally, rom-coms are bingeable. They are like macaroni and cheese for your brain; and therefore it’s not surprising that during times of economic or emotional hardship humans have turned to rom-coms as a way to escape from uncertainty in the world, and in the headlines. So, while you are socially distancing yourself from other people […]

Balaji comes back to comedy

Guess we have heard it right. Balaji Teleflims who gave comedy a totally different meaning and concept by its very much loved show Hum Paanch is venturing back into the comedy era. A source from Balaji says, “very soon, after IPL, Balaji will be coming up with this new comedy show. They are working on […]

Penn Badgley Reveals How ‘Divine Love’ Prepared Him for His Marriage to Domino Kirke

Badgley and Kirke (whose sisters are Girls star Jemima Kirke and Mozart in the Jungle‘s Lola Kirke) live together with Kirke’s 9-year-old son Cassius Riley (whose father is her ex-boyfriend, musician Morgan O’Kane) and their dog Terrence, who Badgley says keeps them all laughing.

Under the Silver Lake review – too self-indulgent for a parody

We’re encouraged to smirk at Sam’s pathetic attempts to play detective and figure out what happened to disappeared neighbour Sarah (Riley Keough, wearing a Marilyn Monroe-style beauty mark and white, two-piece swimming costume), but the film takes his quest seriously. It is too infatuated with its own cryptic mythology, too fawning in its references to […]

The Emoji Movie review – zestless, pointless boilerplate animation

One thing no one needed this summer was a very rubbish version of Inside Out, that animated gem about the personified emotions inside the surreal landscape of a young girl’s mind. Here, instead of a mind, a smartphone, and instead of emotions, emojis: all the wacky little symbols that originated in Japan, not that you’d […]

Ricky Gervais Still Has a Lot to Say About Fame

But the most exciting thing—aside from the music, because I’m a failed pop star—is all the things we spoke about just a minute ago. It’s the fact that the world’s changed. It’s not quaint anymore, this fame—it’s brutal and insatiable. When David Brent was at Wernham Hogg, he was the boss, and he was basically […]