Orange skies in California and a dark storm over the White House

He has his critics, too. Some have complained that Woodward flatters his sources to such an extent that presidential factotums who agree to speak to him take on a far more prominent insider role in his books than they enjoy in reality. Others have questioned his method of using “deep background” anonymous sources sometimes. Still […]

Book World: The palace of Susanna Clarke’s imagination

“Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell” wove its wizardry through the actual history of the Napoleonic wars, and even provided footnotes concocted from real and faux bibliographic detail. “Piranesi” is far less devoted to such blending, though it opens with two epigraphs, one of which you’ll Google in vain. Students of Italian art, though, already hold […]

Production Designer Frank Walsh Builds Out Faerie World For ‘Carnival Row’

After settling on these locations, Walsh approached his early sketches for the episode, based on the idea that the Fae were a Nordic race that found a safe haven within a snow-covered landscape. “They had set themselves up in a world that was safe for them, because they flew everywhere, yet it was almost impossible […]

You Know You Want This by Kristen Roupenian review – dark short stories

Nowhere is that clearer than in “The Good Guy”, the companion piece to “Cat Person”, in which Ted is judged by a tribunal of women whom he has wronged. Eschewing the dreaminess and horror of the other stories for realism, albeit with a fantastical ending, Roupenian sets out to expose the soulless Ted. She wants […]

A beginner’s guide to Final Fantasy 14

Why you should play FF14Final Fantasy 14’s story remains the best reason to play. Much as in a good single-player RPG, much of the narrative unfolds in cinematic cutscenes, and its mature themes touch on everything from loss to redemption. Square Enix does a good job of making the members of the large cast come […]

Face to face with Radovan Karadzic

“Erdemovic, and the Krstic case, had a huge impact”, says Harmon. “This was at a time of total Srebrenica denial by the Serbs. And there was Erdemovic, saying he couldn’t kill any more, sitting in a café having a cup of coffee while over the road – closer than the wall of this café here […]

Top 10 museum exhibitions across the world to look out for this fall season

With the exception of so-called “brand collaborations,” today’s artists are expected to remain apart from the world of commerce—except, you know, the commerce of making and selling art. But the inimitable Pirchan (1884–1957) was living proof that an alternative is possible, one in which originality in art, design, and craftsmanship can be applied to fine art […]

Adventures in ‘Canzuk’: why Brexiters are pinning their hopes on imperial nostalgia

But it was Brexit that put wind in the swashbuckling free traders’ sails. Daniel Hannan wrote enthusiastic columns in the Daily Telegraph about the coming of a gilded age of the English-speaking nations. (Hannan has now joined Abbott on the board of trade advisers.) A private company was set up to lobby for Canzuk in […]

Kansas City Chiefs: Can defending Super Bowl champions be stopped? NFL 2020 season preview

He took Kansas City to the AFC Championship game, only for them to come unstuck in overtime against those pesky Patriots. But, last season, the Chiefs laid waste to all that stood before them and now it’s them that have the target on their back and there are plenty of talented teams looking to knock […]

Mortal Shell Physical Edition Available For For Pre-Order (PS4, Xbox One)

Luigi’s Mansion 3 For $42, Cuphead For $16, And More Great Deals In Latest Switch eShop Sale Huge Star Wars Sale At GameStop Is Live: Black Series Action Figures, Funko Pops, And More Madden NFL 21 Gets Release Week Discount PSA: These Big PS5 Games Are $10 Off Right Now, In A Roundabout Way + […]