Data | 70% prisoners in India are undertrails

At the end of 2019, more than one lakh people were lodged in Indian prisons as undertrials for more than a year. An undertrial is an unconvicted prisoner who is on trial in a court of law. The share of undertrials lodged in prisons for more than a year has increased over time as the […]

China Does Not Request Chinese Companies to Transfer Data Overseas to Gov’t, Foreign Ministry Says

“Digital economy in China has been thriving. There are over 900 million netizens, including a fast growing group of 5G subscribers of 88 million, in China. Digital economy takes up more than one-third of China’s GDP. We have clear legal provisions for protecting the lawful rights and interests of citizens and organizations, including data security […]

China Touts New Global Data Security Drive Amid Heightened ‘Naked Bullying’ from US

“Some individual countries are aggressively pursuing unilateralism, throwing dirty water on other countries under the pretext of ‘cleanliness’, and conducting global hunts on leading companies of other countries under the pretext of security. This is naked bullying and should be opposed and rejected,” said China’s Foreign Minister. The key principles laid out in the new […]

China unveils global data security initiative, says some countries bullying others

China announced an initiative to establish global standards on data security, saying it wanted to promote multilateralism in the area at a time when “individual countries” were “bullying” others and “hunting” companies. The announcement, by State Councillor Wang Yi, comes a month after the United States said it was purging “untrusted” Chinese apps under a […]

60% respondents favour availing ‘Digital Health ID’ but don’t want to share personal data: Survey

New Delhi: Around 60 per cent of respondents favoured availing ‘Digital Health ID’ to be created under the Centre’s National Digital Health Mission, but do not want to share sensitive personal data beyond health and medical records, a recent survey said.The survey was conducted by LocalCircles, a community social media platform.According to the survey, 59 […]

Marketers are gathering data on your kids from the apps they use, study finds

While it should be up to government authorities to enforce the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, that is not currently happening, Radesky said. Therefore, she said, it falls to parents to identify and block apps and games that might be exploiting children.

What is Cambridge Analytica? The firm at the centre of Facebook’s data breach

The company worked on three candidates’ campaigns for the presidency, including Trump’s. On its website it describes analysing millions of data points to identify the most persuadable voters and the issues they cared about and then sending them messages to “move them to action”. Voters in 17 states were polled every day, and online advertising […]

S Korean regulator to inspect how telcos handle user location data

Seoul: South Korea’s telecommunications regulator will inspect the country’s three major telecom operators on their handling of user location data over concerns of mismanagement.The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) said the planned inspections of SK Telecom Co., KT Corp and LG Uplus Corp are meant to check whether they properly manage location data to ensure user […]

Benefits of data rules must reach citizens, not just companies: S Gopalakrishnan

CHENNAI: Infosys cofounder S Gopalakrishnan said the broad strokes of data regulations lie in trying to leverage the economic value of data for the benefit of the citizens, not just for corporations, and protecting them from the vulnerabilities inherent in the digital era. “India has a huge opportunity to leverage data in every aspect: data […]

Up and running: Data centre providers burn the midnight oil to keep the new oil flowing

MUMBAI: When the government declared data centres as essential service at the onset of the lockdown, many spent between Rs 50 lakh to Rs 2 crore on staff safety and site maintenance to keep the data centres running. At least 40 data centres across major metros like Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru and Chennai, kept critical staff […]